The New York State Athletic Commission has denied UFC light heavyweight Anthony Johnson's request for a hearing to discuss circumstances surrounding a controversial UFC 210 weigh-in earlier this year in Buffalo.

Johnson petitioned the NYSAC to examine the matter in April. Controversy arose when Johnson's opponent, titleholder Daniel Cormier, successfully made the 205-pound weight limit, moments after he initially weighed 1.2 pounds over.

Legal representatives for Johnson, who suffered a submission loss to Cormier at UFC 210, argued Cormier "improperly placed his hands on a towel" in front of him during the weigh-in. Johnson asked the NYSAC to fine Cormier 20 percent of his purse and strip him of the UFC title.

In a written response sent to Johnson's camp on Friday, the NYSAC declined to schedule a hearing on the matter.

"Mr. Cormier's weight was officially determined to be 205 pounds in compliance with commission rules and the official bout contract," the NYSAC stated. "And as no conclusive evidence has been presented to demonstrate that his actual weight was any different than the officially determined weight, the results of the weigh-in on April 7, 2017 are final and Mr. Johnson's request for a hearing must be denied."

Interestingly enough, the NYSAC adopted a slight change to its weigh-in procedures last month, which includes language that a fighter "shall not make physical contact with any person or object other than the scale."

Johnson's attorney Craig Zimmerman told JJA Sport Studio on Friday the team is considering other legal options to address the incident.

"Having just received the response, and given that the NYSAC has chosen to ignore the significant issues raised in Mr. Johnson's appeal and request for a hearing, we are seriously exploring his litigation options," Zimmerman said.

Johnson (22-6) announced his retirement from mixed martial arts immediately after his loss at UFC 210. Cormier (19-1), who denied pressing on the towel to make weight, has since been scheduled to a title defense against Jon Jones (22-1) at UFC 214 on July 29.


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