Major backstage heat between Bella Twins and WWE following RAW 30

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It seems that the Bella twins and WWE may not be on the best of terms coming out of last night’s (January 23) Raw 30th Anniversary show.

Brie and Nikki Bella had originally been advertised for the show a couple of weeks ago, but were later removed from advertising and did not appear.
In fact, the only in-person female representation of someone you’d traditionally call a legend was Alundra Blayze who was involved in a couple of backstage poker segments dotted throughout the night.
This, coupled with the Bayley vs Becky Lynch steel cage match being pulled from the show due to the Bloodline segment running over time, has reignited fan outrage at the overall treatment of women’s wrestling.

It seems this is something the Bellas picked up on too, as during an Instagram Live stream, they implied that they knew WWE wasn’t going to spotlight a number of the women who had been involved in the women’s evolution, including themselves, Mercedes Mone (Sasha Banks) and Saraya (Paige).
Brie specifically said: “There’s a bunch of us they don’t want to show”.

The implication seemed to be that WWE didn’t want to highlight Mone/Banks because of her decision to leave the company and Saraya because she decided to join AEW – the argument being that they should still be highlighted for their moments and achievements within WWE, and those things shouldn’t be taken away from them or not highlighted just because they made decisions that WWE didn’t like.
In relation to those names specifically, there was a clip during one of the montages shown throughout the night of Mone/Banks winning the Raw Women’s Championship from Charlotte Flair, and Flair mentioned the Bellas during her in-ring promo.

The Bella Twins did travel to the area of the show but it seems they opted not to be part of it due to their issues with how they and the women in general were going to be utilized.
If you were expecting the Bellas to be surprise Rumble entrants this Saturday, that’s certainly not looking likely anymore.

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