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Undertaker candidly comments on Bray Wyatt WWE RAW 30 segment

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It was WWE Raw XXX last night, and you know what that means. A lot of retired people did some things on a wrestling show, and presumably some of them played poker backstage.

One of the biggest, and actually important legend appearances was that of the Undertaker, who appeared alongside Bray Wyatt in what many feel was a “passing of the torch” moment between two of WWE’s spookiest dudes.
During the segment, which started with LA Knight cutting a promo and challenging any of the legends at the show to confront him, The Undertaker choked Knight, and then passed him to Wyatt who had joined them in the ring.

After Wyatt hit a Sister Abigail on his Royal Rumble opponent Knight, ‘Taker approached Wyatt and whispered something into his ear.
While we’ll likely never know what The Undertaker said to Wyatt, the Dead Man has candidly commented on the moment on his Twitter page.

He said:

Just reading his lips, I think he says: “I’m not actually a real undertaker, I don’t have any qualifications regarding funeral planning at all.”