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Cody Rhodes apologizes for segment being cut short

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A WWE star has apologized for their segment apparently being cut short on the February 20 episode of WWE Raw.

Once again, words were exchanged between Cody Rhodes and Paul Heyman who, this time, appeared via video-link and wearing a neck brace, following the stunner he received from Kevin Owens at WWE Elimination Chamber.
In the segment, in which Heyman spoke about how hard life on the road is for Roman Reigns and suggested that The Wise Man was the person who would keep Cody Rhodes’ wife warm at night, Rhodes didn’t appear to get the chance to fully address Heyman and Tweeted about it after the show.

In his Tweet, Rhodes said:

A fan also shared a photo of the Cody Rhodes merch that they bought at the WWE Shop, and it couldn’t be cuter.
Following Roman Reigns retaining the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WWE Elimination Chamber, the stage is now set for Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39.