WWE Raw star moving to SmackDown

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Jey Uso made his return to WWE at Payback, officially becoming a member of the Raw roster and then appearing on the September 4 Raw.

Uso quit in storyline) WWE on the August 11 episode of SmackDown with his return being announced by Cody Rhodes during Payback on September 1.
Last night’s September 4 episode of Raw gave us a heartwarming moment in which Jey Uso reunited with Sami Zayn.

Elsewhere on the show, “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio would attempt to recruit Uso into the Judgment Day, reflecting on their broken families.
Footage from this exchange can be seen below this news story.

Also below is the exchange between Adam Pearce and Jey Uso revealing that a trade is going to be made, with Pearce saying:
“So, listen, I’m sure you noticed some of this locker room is not exactly happy that you’re here.
“I’m afraid it’s gonna get worse before it gets better and here’s why:
“Upper management just let me know that SmackDown is getting trade compensation for you being here.
“Somebody from Raw will be traded to SmackDown at some point soon and depending on who that ends up being it might piss some people off.
“I wanted you to have a heads up.”

It is currently unknown who will be making the move from Raw to SmackDown, but we’ll keep you posted.
The segment would end with Tommaso Ciampa asking if it was a good time to talk to Pearce.
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