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JBL selects participants WWE qualifying matches

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WWE Hall of Famer JBL has named the participants in the upcoming qualifying matches for the NXT Iron Survivor Challenge.

Various WWE Hall of Famers have announced the participants in the previous weeks qualifying matches, with Mick Foley first choosing Dijak and Tyler Bate for the men, and Fallon Henley and Tiffany Stratton for the women, with Dijak and Tiffany emerging victorious.
Last week, Lita picked the participants, naming Trick Williams and Joe Coffey for the men, and Roxanne Perez and Lash Legend for the women, with Trick and Lash picking up the wins.

Now it is the turn of former WWE Champion JBL, who appeared on video to name his chosen participants in the match.
On the men’s side, JBL named Carmelo Hayes and Josh Briggs as the participants, while he chose Blair Davenport and Thea Hail for the women.

WWE seemingly teased a potential break up of Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen on this week’s episode of NXT.
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