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Cody Rhodes on his wrestling 'cardinal sin' at WWE Royal Rumble

Royal Rumble
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Cody Rhodes has stated that he committed a wrestling ‘cardinal sin’ at the WWE Royal Rumble premium live event.

On January 28, Rhodes made his return to the ring in the Royal Rumble match. the American Nightmare went on to win the bout, last eliminating GUNTHER to punch his ticket to WrestleMania 39.
Speaking on WWE After The Bell, Rhodes noted that he did not walk the arena before the event.
Admitting that this would’ve really annoyed his late father, Dusty Rhodes, Cody said:

“I did commit what I’d call kind of a cardinal sin in the wrestling game. My dad would be really irked if he knew this. I did not walk the arena earlier in the day.
“I did not walk the ramp. I did not get in the ring. I was very much held behind doors. Because of that, I will admit I had no clue and I still have not figured it out. I didn’t know where the hard cam was.”

Noting that he found the hard camera in the end, Rhodes said:
“I tried. Then at a certain point, I just figured I had found it but then the sign was that way and I figured ‘Nope that can’t (be it)’. So I really was just looking to get all (corners) ‘Let’s just get all fours.’
“That was one of those (reminding moments) ‘Okay, welcome back.’ Because that’s something you absolutely have to cover.

“That’s part of being a professional. Put your face to the camera and here I am claiming to be one of the world’s top professionals (not knowing).
“I would have got a kick in the ass from the old man, and my brother for that matter, but it didn’t (matter in the end). In the case of WWE, there’s 1000 cameras who captured every second of it. They got to capture the sweetest second of it and that’s when Gunther went over the top rope.”

Rhodes previously revealed that he was only cleared to compete on the day of the Royal Rumble event.
He is currently slated to challenge for Roman Reigns’ Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 39.