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WWE releases El Ligero and Travis Banks

WWE releases El Ligero and Travis Banks WWE releases El Ligero and Travis Banks

In moves that likely come a no major surprise to anybody who’s been following these stories for the past week, WWE has released Travis Banks and El Ligero.

WWE has yet to officially announce either release, but POST Wrestling’s John Pollock – usually an incredibly reliable source – has taken to Twitter to report that both of these NXT UK wrestlers have been let go by Vince McMahon’s sports entertainment behemoth.

Of course, both El Ligero (real name Simon Musk) and Banks are just two of the wrestling names whom recent allegations of sexual abuse have been made towards.
Given the sheer number of WWE-contracted talent who have had similar allegations made against them recently, the releases of El Ligero and Banks could be just the tip of the iceberg. Likewise, there has to be serious questions asked about the very future of NXT UK right now – with some speculating that the UK brand of NXT could soon be brought to a close.
This past week has been an extremely dark one for the wrestling business, with more and more people bravely coming forward to share their own harrowing experiences as part of the #SpeakingOut movement.
El Ligero and Travis Banks are just two WWE names to be let go as part of the fallout of all of this, and this very real and utterly horrific situation seems to be far from over.

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