Super Star Billy Graham moved out of ICU

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An update has emerged on ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham, real name Eldridge Wayne Coleman, following his recent hospitalization and stay in the ICU.

On Monday (January 11), Coleman’s wife Valerie revealed on Facebook that Coleman had ‘coded’ during a procedure that took place the previous Friday.
When a patient is described as ‘coded’, it generally means that they have had a cardiac arrest.

Valerie has now shared an update, revealing that Coleman has been moved from the ICU to the PCU, the Progressive Care Unit.
The following health update was shared on the Billy Graham Facebook page:

Coleman is recognised as the sixth man ever to win the WWE Championship (WWWF Heavyweight Championship), holding the title for 296 days between 1977-1978.
The wrestling legend was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004 by Triple H.
JJA Sport Studio wish Coleman a safe and healthy recovery.

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