Update on how much money AEW 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' match generated for Maui charity

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AEW Dynamite had a sponsored match on August 16, tying into the upcoming Texas Chain Saw Massacre video game.

Highlights from the match between Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy can be seen below this news story, including an appearance from Leatherface himself!
The match was a bloody and chaotic affair, but featured plenty of involvement from Jarrett’s associates and Matt Hardy, which resulted in Jarrett scoring the tainted win.
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Death Match was a tie-in for the upcoming video game that is released on PlayStation 4 & 5,  Xbox One, Xbox Series S & X, and Microsoft Windows on August 18, 2023.

Speaking on the sponsored match, Dave Meltzer revealed the details of the partnership on Wrestling Observer Radio, saying:
“It was a big number, it was over $100,000 sponsorship.
“The network wants the sponsorship and everything like that.” 

This isn’t the first time that AEW has had a sponsored match, with the Cracker Barrel Clash at All Out in 2019 being their first tie-in.
Recently, WWE have had sponsored matches at Royal Rumble with the Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match being a recent notorious example.
Tony Khan has revealed that 100% of the funds from the sponsor will go to the Maui Foodbank in a post on Twitter.
In the run-up to the August 16 episode of AEW Dynamite, it was revealed that it would be a Fight for the Fallen special to raise proceeds for Maui Foodbank after wildfires in Hawaii have destroyed parts of the region.

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