Tony Khan provides update on status of All Out 2023

All Out
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While AEW’s All Out PPV is usually a lock for Labor Day weekend in September, this year things aren’t quite so clear cut.

The status of the show has largely been called into question due to AEW’s historic All In event from Wembley Stadium on August 27, just a week prior to All Out’s prospective date.
Despite the event being seemingly confirmed to remain in its usual date by AEW’s SVP and Chief Legal Officer Megha Parekh, AEW President Tony Khan has recently casted doubt on this during an interview with Barstool Wrasslin’.
When asked about the status of All Out 2023 Khan seemingly confirmed that the PPV will be going ahead for the fifth time, however, he seemed unsure that it will be taking place in early September.

Khan said:
“We’d be approaching the fifth annual All Out, so I think it’s safe to say I am not going to miss that kind of an opportunity.”
“I’m waiting to confirm what people can expect, but certainly, we built a great tradition with All Out and this is going to be the fifth year of it.
“And (we are) coming up on the four-year anniversary of the original All Out, and now, of course, we’re doing All In for the first time in AEW, AEW All In, London.
“And it would be very fitting for there to be All Out, so stay tuned for more information on that.”

Many fans questioned AEW’s logic of potentially hosting All In and All Out in such close succession so perhaps Tony Khan himself is having second thoughts regarding the timing of the event also.
While All In is sure to be one of AEW’s most pivotal dates in its history, another landmark occasion will be this Saturday, June 17 when AEW debuts Saturday night Collision.
One of the key question marks surrounding Collision has been in regards to a potential brand split between the new show and Dynamite.

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