A new AEW streaming deal soon to be announced?

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A big update has emerged on a potential AEW streaming deal, following speculation about plans for the home of the promotion’s video library.

While there have been rumors about AEW announcing a streaming home for a while, speculation picked up again after it was announced that ROH TV will return on HonorClub.
In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted that AEW and DAZN will soon announce a streaming deal, after the holidays.

This comes after an AEW logo was shown when DAZN was sharing information on the properties the service will feature in 2023.
Discussing the upcoming announcement, Meltzer wrote:

“DAZN released information on combat sports properties that they will be offering in 2023 and there was an AEW logo. DAZN and AEW are expected to make an official announcement of a deal sometime after the holidays.
“Not sure of all details but the deal will be for AEW television shows to air on DAZN in all countries that DAZN services where AEW doesn’t already have a deal in place.

“Not sure about Japan because AEW shows are on New Japan World. The biggest ones look to be Spain and Brazil. The deal would only be for AEW content.
“This is not the deal which was the reason AEW dropped Space in Latin America, but a different deal that hasn’t been closed that they’re working on for Mexico, Central and much of South America.”

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