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Kansas on The Elite using their song for AEW entrance

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Kansas vocalist and keyboardist Ronnie Platt has now reacted to Kenny Omega & the Young Bucks using their song ‘Carry On Wayward Son’ for their AEW entrance.

The Elite have been using the song as their trios entrance theme since their in-ring return at the November 2022 Full Gear pay-per-view.
Speaking on Paltrocast, Platt noted that he believes The Elite using the song is great for the band, noting:

“That’s the original that they’re using. I saw that video where they’re walking out in the stadium, and all the people are going nuts. Oh my God, that was so cool.”
“That’s just good for the band. That’s good promo and really introducing Kansas, even though the kids might not know who the band is or haven’t heard the song before.
“It really is initiating young people to that music. So that’s all good. We call that job security.”

Kenny Omega & the Young Bucks defeated Death Triangle in a huge ladder match on the January 11 edition of Dynamite.
With this victory, The Elite won the best of seven series, and the AEW Trios Championship.