WBD still not allowing Mark Briscoe on AEW TV

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Warner Bros Discovery (WBD) is reportedly still not going to allow Mark Briscoe to appear on AEW TV after his brother Jay Briscoe passed away.

Mark and Jay Briscoe had never appeared on AEW TV and were essentially stuck in Ring Of Honor, reportedly because WBD had made a ruling based on comments Jay had made years ago that he’d since apologized and made amends for multiple times.
WBD also didn’t allow AEW to produce a full-on tribute show for Jay the day after his passing, despite AEW wanting to do so.

In the latest update on this ridiculousness, Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that, at this point, WBD isn’t even going to allow Mark Briscoe to appear on AEW TV from now on. He said:
“Oh boy. I already know the answer. The answer is no. I can’t tell you more. It could change, but that’s the answer. Hopefully it’ll change, but that is the answer. It could change, hopefully it does change.”

Yes, this is the same WBD that is continuing to air Dana White’s slapfighting league on TBS directly after Dynamite.
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