Ricky Starks 'may sue' over leaked WWE photo

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An AEW star has revealed that they “may sue” over a leaked photo of their backstage appearance at the WWE Royal Rumble.

Ricky Starks was shown accompanying Cody Rhodes in the Alamodome for the January 28 event.
Cody Rhodes had previously taken responsibility for the photo, although he wasn’t behind the security camera at the time.

Starks had also recently addressed the photo being seen by the wrestling world, reiterating his support of his friend.
Now, speaking to Swerve Strickland on the Swerve City podcast, Starks has mocked the interest in the image, saying:

“What y’all do care about is where I go in my off time and what other pay-per-views I show up at. Leave me alone.
“You gotta have real friends. Support real friends. The picture is great. It’s so good.
“I look so jacked, like I’m about to rob a bank. The First 48, that’s what it was. ‘The picture here is three suspects that we found in connection to a murder back in June of last year. If you have any information about these three, please let us know.”

Whilst he would joke about the good side of the image with Strickland, he would go on to change gears, with Starks concluding:
“I’m in the process of maybe, maybe suing Alamodome and getting some money out of it because, how are you a security guard and go, ‘You know what I got? Rewind the tape. Let me show you right quick.'”
Starks was one of the name that Rhodes said impressed him at AEW Revolution on March 5.

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