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Dax Harwood comments on CM Punk AEW future

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AEW star Dax Harwood of FTR has commented on the possibility of CM Punk’s return to the company.

Punk hasn’t appeared for AEW since the post-All Out 2022 media scrum, in which he called out several top AEW stars, leading to a backstage altercation.
Since September 2022, rumors have been swirling about Punk’s potential departure from the company, as well as his possible comeback.
Speaking with Kenny McIntosh for Inside The Ropes, Dax Harwood admitted that he has no clue about Punk’s future, but also noted that he wouldn’t let anyone know if he did know Punk’s plans.

Harwood said:
“So a few months ago, I wasn’t even there, you know what I mean? Like I wasn’t, I wasn’t in AEW, we left. I think the last time we were at AEW as a talent was the middle of December, so I haven’t been there.
“So I have no clue, and if I did have a clue, I wouldn’t tell anybody. Because again, it’s that mystique, you know, it’s that mystique of what’s real, what’s not real? Yeah, Dave’s tunes also kind of changed recently.

“I got a text message from my, from my co-host, my podcast co host, Matt Kuhn, just the other day, and it was a text from Dave and he said, Hmm, it seems like someone, I’m talking about me, has changed the narrative on Punk, and now it’s looking more positive.
“So I don’t know. It’s, you know, I have no idea. And if I did have an idea how close we were, there’s no way I would tell it because there is a mystique and wrestling, there’s a wall we have to keep up.

“And I think it’s f**king fun to keep that wall up sometimes.”
Harwood and Cash Wheeler made their AEW returns at the March 5 Revolution pay-per-view, following their wrestling hiatuses.