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AEW star defends Tony Khan booking: 'I support him 100%'

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AEW star Matt Hardy has now defended Tony Khan’s booking, sharing his honest opinion on recent fan discussions.

Speaking on his Extreme Life with Matt Hardy podcast, Matt Hardy argued that wrestling fans feel so entitled nowadays, calling the situation ‘very strange’.
Noting that he will support Tony Khan 100%, Hardy said:

“It’s a really intriguing concept that so many fans that consider themselves die hard fans, and this is no disrespect to them, but they are so caught up and captivated by the inner workings of the business and why things are happening.
“They feel like they can book better than the booker who actually runs the show. It’s so crazy now. Wrestling fans feel so entitled, especially the more die-hard, smart fans that are online.

“They feel entitled like, ‘No, my opinion counts. You’re wrong and I’m right.’ That’s very strange, but it is what it is.
“That’s the world we live in today so we just have to learn how to deal with it, but at the end of the day, Tony Khan is the guy flipping the bills. He makes the decisions

“He’s paying everybody, so it’s his decision to make. If he makes it, I support him 100%.”
Hardy last wrestled at the March 22 AEW Dark: Elevation taping, teaming with Ethan Page and Isiah Kassidy.

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