[video] AEW stars celebrate 'magnificent' retiring name

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Dustin Rhodes led the celebration for a “magnificent” member of the AEW family who was recently revealed to be retiring.

During the recent AEW show in Colorado Spring, Rhodes introduced the “master of her craft” Sandra Gray, known to the roster as “Ms. Sandra”, the “baddest seamstress on the planet.”
As previously reported, Ms Sandra has retired from her gear-making role in AEW, having been a staple throughout professional wrestling since the 1990s.
Gray worked for WCW until it was acquired by WWE, where she continued until 2015.

She was recruited by Brandi Rhodes when AEW was in its infancy and while she will be retiring from the company, Gray will reportedly continue to make one wrestling star’s gear.
Sandra Gray will still come out of retirement to make Cody Rhodes’ gear as she has since his transition back to WWE.
In the video that can be seen below this news story, a number of AEW stars paid tribute to the importance of Sandra Gray to their careers.
Among them were Ricky Starks (who is apparently Ms. Sandra’s favorite person), Powerhouse Hobbs and Chris Jericho.

An emotional Ms Sandra was then the recipient of flowers and a tribute from AEW’s owner Tony Khan who praised all that she had done for the company, including all the time she had spent on the road.
Ms Sandra has recently shared a thank you message following to her “AEW Family”.
In her message, she thanked Tony Khan and AEW for the “beautiful send off” and said she was “overwhelmed with all the love and respect”.

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