[video] CM Punk references Ricky Starks controversial win

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Following the controversial finish to the men’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament on AEW Collision (July 15), defeated finalist CM Punk has made a sly reference to the questionable tactics used by winner Ricky Starks.

Whilst performing commentary duties for the Cage Fighting Fury Championships at the CFFC122 event, Punk added a little quip directed at Starks whilst hyping up the action for the card, saying:
“The legendary Jimmy Hart’s here, he’s my manager, he’s going to be keeping an eye out, make sure nobody cheats, you know hands on the ropes or anything like that.”

Punk also made another comment referencing Collision as he said Saturday night’s alright for fighting, and Thursday nights are too.
It’s still unclear what direction Starks’ character is set to go in following his heel-ish methods of victory, with his actions both at the end of the match and in the post-match celebrations suggesting a full turn could be coming.

Not only did Starks cheat to win courtesy of the middle rope, but the 33-year-old also disrespectfully snatched the cup from Jushin Thunder Liger who was there as a special guest to present the winner with the trophy.
Despite this, Starks was much more gracious during the official award presentation during Battle for the Belts immediately after Collision, so perhaps things aren’t as clear cut as appears.
Hopefully we get answers to these questions on this week’s Collision from Newark, New Jersey.

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