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More alleged details of AEW stars 'frustration' with Tony Khan

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There are more alleged details of an AEW star’s frustration with Tony Khan prior to departing from the company.

In amongst all the AEW news recently was the resignation of QT Marshall, who, in addition to being an active wrestler, has also been a backstage trainer, coach, and for a while was even Tony Khan’s right-hand man when it came to putting shows together.
Marshall is the current AAA Latin American Champion, meaning he’s been working under Konnan for the Mexican promotion.
On the K100 podcast, Konnan himself went into further details about the alleged frustrations between QT Marshall and Tony Khan leading up to the former’s departure from the company.

Konnan said:
“I know for a fact this had been building up.
“He gets paid very well, but he was very frustrated because he does a lot of stuff, and Tony [Khan is] the type of guy who changes his mind last minute.
“… He only listens to top guys, which some of them don’t have the best interests of the company at heart.”

QT Marshall recently announced that he was leaving AEW at the end of 2023 with various reports thereafter noting backstage details.
Marshall reportedly wanted to be a more prominent in-ring talent than he’s been able to be in AEW, and he also cited the promotion moving in a “different direction” as a reason for his departure.
There was an outpouring of support for Marshall both publicly and privately from AEW stars following his announcement.

However, when it comes to AEW as a whole, reported frustrations backstage persist regarding overall organization.
According to a recent report from Dave Meltzer, there is growing negativity backstage including concern over the recent departure of another name separate from Marshall.
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