Bryan Danielson explains AEW committee backstage role

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Bryan Danielson has explained his backstage AEW committee role, explaining why he chose to take on extra responsibilities.

A lot of AEW discourse of late has revolved around the reported role of Bryan Danielson on AEW’s ‘disciplinary committee’.
It was initially Fightful who reported that Danielson had ‘headed up’ that committee – which recommended to Tony Khan that he should have fired CM Punk – and remained a part of it.
It was rumored that part of Danielson’s role on the committee was being at least partially responsible for handing out fines in recent weeks for social media conduct.
Speaking with MailOnline, Danielson stated that he doesn’t have a separate contract for this backstage role as he doesn’t get paid for it.

Noting that this is the type of work he wants to be doing moving forward, Danielson explained:
“It’s not something I get paid for. I’m just like the other wrestlers in the sense of I don’t have a contract outside of being a wrestler contract.
“But I was honored to take on more when they asked me to take on more roles backstage.
“That sort of thing that’s something that I’m kind of looking at, going forward as far as like, what other things could I do besides being in the ring that could help? So yeah, so it’s been good.’'

Danielson announced in September that he had just one more year left as a full-time AEW competitor, ahead of his transition into a part-time star.
Bryan Danielson believes that there’s a ‘real possibility’ that he’ll wrestle a retired star, which you can read more about right here.

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