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AEW star returns after over 14 months away

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On the AEW Worlds End Zero Hour, AEW star Serene Deeb, who has been away from in-ring action in the company since October 2022 has returned.

Appearing in a vignette during the AEW Worlds End Zero Hour, Serena Deeb returned to AEW television.
Shown in a training vignette complete with her impressive escape from a straight jacket, Deeb is ready to get back to her Professorial duties in AEW.

Noting that she took time to study every element of the AEW Women’s Division while out of action, she was more ready than every before to dominate.
Serena Deeb status had been very quiet internally over the past few months, but she recently revealed the reason for her absence on Instagram.

Serena revealed that she had a series of unprovoked seizures over the last year but that she was since cleared to return to in-ring action.
You can see the entire clip of the Professor Serena Deeb below.
Elsewhere at AEW Worlds End in the Women’s division, the Zero Hour kicked off with a big battle of the Long Island ladies as hometown favorites Willow Nightingale and Kris Statlander faced off.
In the end, Willow Nightingale picked up the victory but both women hugged after the match.

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