Scrapped pitch for Sting AEW retirement revealed

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The original pitch for Sting’s AEW retirement has been revealed, with the wrestling veteran revealing when Tony Khan wanted him to bow out.

Sting will wrestle his last match at Sunday’s (March 3) AEW Revolution event, teaming with Darby Allin to face off against Matthew and Nicholas Jackson of the Young Bucks.
The wrestling veteran announced that he’d be hanging up his boots after Revolution back in October 2023, with the specifics of the match confirmed in the months since then.
Speaking with Colette Arrand for Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Sting revealed that Tony Khan wanted him to stay longer and retire at Wembley Stadium at All In London in August.

Explaining why he’s chosen to retire now, Sting said:
“It’s funny, because I was the guy who did not want to get into pro wrestling. I didn’t even know what pro wrestling was when I got started. But I ended up being a pro wrestler, and at the beginning, I was an introvert, the last guy that you’d want to get up there and entertain in front of hordes of people. But it blossomed into what it blossomed into.
“I’ve had a lot of fun. I’ve enjoyed the fans and cannot thank them enough. But after all of these years, having walked through the curtain thousands of times, I’m still a nervous wreck when I go out there, and it gets pretty overwhelming to try to perform at a high level at my age, even in a short match, even if it’s a six- or eight-man tag.

“Tony (Khan) was actually trying to get me to stay longer, maybe retire at Wembley. But it gets tougher and tougher every time you go out there, and you have all of these young guys who are ready to play—there’s only so far you can push it.
“It’s kind of sad, of course, but, at some point, you just have to do it. There’s a part of me that’s sad, but there’s another part of me that’s relieved. It’s bittersweet, but I’m looking forward to it.

Sting’s son has now shared an emotional message for his father ahead of AEW Revolution, which you can read right here.
A WWE star has also praised Sting for doing things on his own terms, click here to read more.

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