CM Punk break silence about what happened during AEW All In backstage altercation

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CM Punk has broken his silence about the backstage drama that surrounded his last moments in AEW before being fired.

At AEW All In London, Jack Perry commented “real glass, cry me a river” into the camera after slamming HOOK onto a car windshield – this came some time after reports had emerged from backstage stating that Punk had advised Perry not to use real glass for a separate TV segment.
That comment reportedly led to an incident between the two when Perry got backstage, and ultimately, Punk was soon fired and Perry was suspended.

On today’s MMA Hour, CM Punk commented on the initial issue when he was giving the advice to Perry about not using real glass:
“This is one of those things like, there’s all these rumours about NDAs. There’s a big difference between not being allowed to talk about s**t, and not wanting to talk about s**t. I don’t particularly want to litigate this again.
“Tony’s big idea was separate show, we’re going to separate everybody. I said that would never work, just let me go, who cares, it’s best. These guys don’t want me here, this isn’t a real business, this isn’t a business predicated on making money, drawing money, selling tickets. It’s not what it was sold to me as, let me go.
“The second day we had this show, I’m sitting in catering and Tony Schiavone comes to get me, he says ‘Jack is cussing me out, he cussed out Mike Mansury and he’s cussing out the doctor right now’.
“I was told people were being separated so there’s not problems, so you don’t want me in this. You all need to handle this, because if you don’t, I’m going to handle this, and you’re not going to like how I am gonna handle this.

“I don’t know anything about Jack being on vacation, but there are people that work one day a week and don’t want to, they want to show up, wrestle and film vignettes and sit at home for weeks, do what you want, it’s not my company, but not on my show.
“What Jack wanted to do was he wanted to smash the window of a rental car with a pipe, I was like ‘doc’s told you no, Darrel’s told you no, Mike’s told you no, Schiavone’s told you no, and apparently you’ve cussed them out, so I’m telling you no, we don’t do that here, if you wanna do that, go to Wednesday and do it.
“To come to this show and everyone’s supposed to be separated to get rid of all the drama, and you’re swearing at the doctor because it’s real glass, it’s gonna get in your eye, there’s a safe way to do that, and I politely said that to him, I said this is a different show, if you want to do that, go to Wednesday.
“He clearly took something very business minded very personally, which is fine, because I’ve done that before too, and it’s very much who he’s friends with and s**t never got squashed, nobody’s in charge, and it turned into what it turned into.”

Specifically addressing what happened at All In, CM Punk said:
“Jack came back from his match, I was the next match, and I’ve got people with me. I’m not going to say who they are, because I’ve got a lot of friends that work there and I don’t want them to be punished for being friends with me.
“I walk up and I’m like, why do you insist on doing this dumb internet s**t on TV, and he was like ‘well if you’ve got a problem do something about it’ and I’m like come on man, I’d f**king kill you, what are we doing.

“I thought I was doing the responsible thing, I didn’t punch anybody, I just choked somebody a little bit. Samoa Joe was there, told me to stop, then I quit.
“I turned to Tony, I said this place is a f**king joke man, you’re a clown, I quit.
”I went to my room, Joe and Jerry Lynn got me and lets just go out there and kill it. I was just too fired up and I’m fired up now, I’m probably going to regret talking about it.” 

CM Punk went on to explain how he believes Tony Khan is a nice guy, but not a good boss, and stated multiple times that AEW isn’t run like a business trying to make money, which is what he was told it would be when he signed.
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