AEW star 'doesn't give a f**k' about CM Punk's comments

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Eddie Kingston has now commented on the recent AEW cuts, while also addressing CM Punk’s recent comments on his time with the company.

Punk recently appeared on the MMA Hour to discuss a number of topics. He discussed his time with AEW, breaking his silence what led to his departure from the company.
Eddie Kingston was asked about Punk’s comments during his own interview with Adrian Hernandez.

Referencing recent AEW releases, Kingston said:
“You know what I’m more concerned about? I’m not gonna front, are the people who lost their jobs (at AEW). Honestly. That’s what I’m more worried about. I’m more worried about Dasha (Kuret) and I’m more worried about Anthony Henry and Stu Grayson and others who got — sorry if I didn’t mention y’all names, no disrespect but I’m worried about them.
“My heart goes out to them, so I know how it feels to lose a job. Not just that, I mean a job. Either way you look at this, wrestling or not, it’s still a job and that’s how you feed yourself and your family. My heart goes out to them.

“That’s what I’m more concerned about, than what Phil said. Because the people that got let go, did work for us and now they have to find another way to make ends meet and that’s what concerns me more. Whether I knew them, because some I knew very well, some I didn’t.
“Still, my heart goes out to them. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m not saying it’s wrong. What I am saying, it’s the business. People get hired and fired daily. It’s just part of it but still, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t leave me heartbroken that some of the people like Dasha, that I won’t see every week, that I loved seeing every week, who put a smile on my face every week I saw her.
“That’s what I’m more concerned about… I care. I care about that more. That’s it.

Several AEW names were released from their contracts on Monday.
Sharing his reaction to Punk’s comments, Kingston stated:
“And? (Kingston responded when asked for his thoughts about CM Punk’s remarks about AEW) He don’t work for us. I don’t give a f**k. Honestly, honestly, he don’t work for AEW, so I don’t care.
“That’s it, I’m not even mad. If it sounds like I’m mad, it’s just the way I talk (he laughed). But no, I don’t care. I know other people do but I really don’t give a f**k because he doesn’t work for AEW. That’s the way I look at it. If he worked for AEW and did that, then I might feel a certain way, for a little bit and then I would just let it go and go, welp, that’s Phil being Phil.
“Can’t control him, that’s his thing. He ain’t me and I ain’t him, so, but he doesn’t. So I don’t care what he does.

Eddie Kingston and CM Punk notably feuded in late 2021, ahead of their match at that November’s Full Gear pay-per-view.
CM Punk’s final AEW match took place at All In 2023, against Samoa Joe. It was later announced that Punk’s contract had been terminated “with cause” following an altercation backstage at that event.
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