AEW's MJF advised by legend to avoid dangerous risks during matches

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AEW backstage producer Arn Anderson has reflected on the potential of MJF who has been absent since December 2023’s Worlds End.

At the December 30 pay-per-view, MJF lost the AEW World Championship to Samoa Joe and hasn’t appeared since.
Recently, it was reported that MJF had undergone surgery on his left shoulder with no timetable set for an on-screen return.
Arn Anderson recently discussed MJF’s future and also had advice for wrestlers wanting to succeed.

During an appearance on Sportskeeda’s WrestleBinge, the WWE Hall of Famer said:
“I think MJF is unlimited in what he can achieve in this business, as long as…you gotta take less chances in this business than a lot of these guys take.
“I’ve seen him do things that, were they spectacular? Yes. Were they athletic? Were they incredible? Yes. But did they particularly need it?
“I’m using him as an example, but it’s kind of across the board.
“You just don’t beat your body up. You only got one, to the point that, before you know it, you’ve had a brilliant five-year career.”

MJF’s injury, along with that of Adam Cole, reportedly derailed plans within AEW with a planned March return date passing.
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