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Eric Bischoff: Tony Khan doesn't understand the industry

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Eric Bischoff vs. Tony Khan is the modern-day online wrestling feud that will never die.

During an interview with Fightful, Bisch fired off the next shot by calling Tony "a fifteen year old kid that’s got too much money and doesn’t know what to do with it". Continuing, the former WCW boss said Khan "has a tendency to ricochet off walls and say stupid s**t because he doesn’t really understand much about the industry really".
Bischoff has made several appearances for AEW in the past, but he's had quite the back-and-forth with Tony via his '83 Weeks' podcast. Khan hasn't kept quiet himself - the All Elite boss has volleyed receipts right back at Eric during his own chats with the media.
According to Bisch, none of what he says is supposed to be taken personally. The WWE Hall Of Famer simply believes that Tony is in an enviable spot and has money to burn. That, he says, lets Khan get away with making silly decisions, but it shouldn't shield him from criticism.
The wrestling world awaits Tony's latest response to this. It's surely coming.