Eric Bischoff criticises AEW Collision for WCW-like presentation

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While the reveal of AEW Collision has mostly been overshadowed by the CM Punk situation surrounding it, one noteworthy aspect of AEW’s new Saturday night show is its throwback presentation.

With a logo that looks strikingly similar to the WCW, the influence is very much clear to see.
Now, this may not be overly surprising given Tony Khan’s known affection for WCW, however a notable ex-WCW name has now shared his thoughts on the homage.
Eric Bischoff has weighed in on Collision’s look and admitted that he was in fact flattered by the tribute, however, it would ultimately prove a lot of his thoughts on Tony Khan’s company right.

Speaking on his Strictly Business podcast Bischoff explained:
“Allusion is a good word, (but) I say rip-off is a better one.
“The truth is (I) like it (it) put a smile on my face and I guess imitation is a sincere form of flattery.
“There’s not a creative strategy that would allow AEW to execute on the mission of being different than WWE. 

“They may have more blood, (but) that’s about the only thing I can think of that really distinguishes in a meaningful way…
“You want to really evolve the product, whether it be in the format, how the show was shot, the way promos are treated, the way stories are told, (or) production values.
“All of those things have to fit together, but at the core of that there has to be a vision that says this is what’s going to make us stand out and this is why we’re different and I just don’t see it.”

Bischoff would then go on to say that if he had presented any of the content (storylines, promos etc) that AEW currently does back in WCW he would have been trashed for it.
The aforementioned situation involving CM Punk has seemingly forced Tony Khan to reconsider where the debut episode of Collision will take place, with the taping originally set for Chicago’s United Center.

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