Former AEW World Champion returns

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Former AEW World Champion Thunder Rosa has returned to AEW television on tonight’s Collision after being out of action for over a year.

After being out of action since August 2022, Thunder Rosa made a return to AEW television on Collision, first with a throw to her on Spanish language commentary and later with an in-ring run in.
After Abadon had a match against Jazmin Allure which Abadon won easily, the arena lights cut off as Julia Hart appeared in the ring.

While Abadon and Hart had a stare off, Skye Blue also emerged and it was questionable as to what she was doing in between the pair of new rivals.
For a moment it seemed as though Blue could be teaming with Abadon however instead, she turned on the star and attacked alongside Hart.

While the pair beat down Abadon, there was a surprise run-in from Thunder Rosa from the commentary desk.
Springing into the ring to come to the aid of Abadon, she briefly mixed it up with Skye Blue as it seemed there was a new feud on the horizon.
So two new alliances formed in the AEW Women’s division with the inaugural appearance of Skye Blue in support of Julia Hart and the intriguing alliance of Thunder Rosa and Abadon.

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