What happened between Eddie Kingston & Bryan Danielson after AEW Collision went off the air

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Find out what you missed between Bryan Danielson and Eddie Kingston after AEW Collision went off the air from San Antonio, Texas.

After AEW Collision went off the air with Bryan Danielson and Eddie Kingston having a stare down in the ring, while the show may have ended there on television, live in San Antonio, Texas it continued.
Apparently unamused by the past insult of Danielson holding up a fan’s sign that said that he ‘was a bum’, Kingston made it clear he hadn’t forgotten.
Telling Bryan Danielson that he was amongst other things, the ‘King of the Bums’, he looked forward to delivering a beating to Danielson in the Blue league final.
For his part, Danielson noted that “Eddie Kingston has never beaten me in his life,” and then simply repeated, “Eddie Kingston is a bum.”

As the exchange ended, Danielson’s music began playing but was interrupted by Kingston saying, ‘Hey f**k you, don’t play his music when I won!’
Instead, Kingston’s music began playing to end the interaction in front of the live crowd ahead of further match tapings for Ring of Honor.
You can see the entire exchange below.

Elsewhere on tonight’s AEW Collision, there was a massive return to in-ring action from Thunder Rosa who picked up her first victory in over 500 days.
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