Tony Khan provides update on potential future AEW WrestleDream future

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AEW held it’s first ever WrestleDream pay-per-view last night (October 1) in Seattle in tribute to the memory of the legendary Antonio Inoki.

The event was wildly successful for the company, capping off with the AEW debut of Adam Copeland (Edge) to close out the night.
Speaking on the AEW WrestleDream media scrum, Tony Khan was asked about the potential of running another WrestleDream event next year, and whether the event will be tied to Seattle, similarly to All Out being tied to Chicago.
Khan said that, while the location depends on availability, he will 100% run WrestleDream again next year.

He said:
“I’m not sure about the availability, we really lucked out on this weekend that the Kraken weren’t here, it was perfect for a pay-per-view weekend, and you never can predict the schedule. A lot of these major arenas have commitments, sometimes there could be NHL or NBA and this time of the year, with pre-season getting going, it’s something to consider.
“I can’t speak a year ahead as to where the event will be, but there will definitely be a WrestleDream (next year), it was a very critically successful event, a lot of people are telling me it was the best show they’ve ever seen in wrestling, which means a lot to me.

“So WrestleDream is here to stay, as a pay-per-view it did very well, looks like it’s up from All Out. Over 100,000 buys, based on digital projections, and that’s really exciting. So to have a new event like that debut, in line with a lot of our other pay-per-view events, really exciting, and it bodes really well.
“100% we are going to do WrestleDream next year, I hope that Mr Inoki’s grandchildren will join us again, and I thank them very much for the great gift, the scarf, Mr Inoki’s scarf, really meant a lot to me and I’ll keep this forever.”

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