AEW Devil & masked men identities revealed at Worlds End

Worlds End
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The AEW Devil was revealed to be none other than Adam Cole in the finishing moments of AEW Worlds End after MJF lost the title to Samoa Joe.

In the big main event of tonight’s AEW Worlds End, a major story came to a conclusion as the ‘AEW Devil’ and the ‘Devil’s Masked Men’ were finally revealed.
The AEW World Championship was on the line when MJF faced off against Samoa Joe in a hard fought battle.
Finally near the final moments of the match, with referee Bryce Remsburg down, MJF was able to hit a low blow on Samoa Joe before hoisting him for a big drop leading to another near fall.
With MJF looking to Adam Cole to hand him the Dynamite Diamond ring, Cole struggled to locate it.

In the interim, Samoa Joe swept up MJF from behind to lock him in the Coquina Clutch.
With the referee counting MJF as unresponsive and therefore knocked out, losing the match, the bell rang and Samoa Joe was crowned the brand new AEW World Champion.
After the match, MJF sat stunned in the ring as the Long Island crowd started chanting, ‘Bulls**t,” as the ‘Devil’s Masked Men’ began to appear at ringside while Adam Cole was in the ring with MJF.

As the four men rushed the ring, they captured MJF and Adam Cole as the pair argued over who should get hit with the chair as the lights went out.
When the lights came back on, Adam Cole was sitting in the chair as the men revealed themselves to be Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Roderick Strong and Wardlow.
The Kingdom appear to be the ROH Tag Team Champions as it was finally revealed that Adam Cole was ‘the devil’ as he tossed the mask to MJF who was laid out in the middle of the ring.
The pay-per-view ended with Excalibur saying, “The world of Maxwell Jacob Friedman has ended.”

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