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AEW's Bryan Danielson shares final message ahead of Kazuchika Okada rematch

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AEW’s Bryan Danielson has sent a final message to Kazuchika Okada, as well as his fans, ahead of NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 18.

Danielson and Okada will face off in their second singles match on Thursday (January 4), following their first match at AEW X NJPW Forbidden Door 2023.
While Danielson was ultimately victorious over Okada in June 2023, he didn’t leave unscathed, notably injuring his arm midway through the bout.
During Wednesday’s (January 3) press conference, Danielson explained why his aim is to break Okada’s arm in their upcoming match.

Noting that he’s hungry for revenge, Danielson said:
First off, I want to say how grateful I am to be in Japan. It’s been 20 years since my first tour of NJPW. I wanted to be a star in NJPW more than anything, and now I get to wrestle Okada in the Tokyo Dome for NJPW.
Now to the match with Okada. You may or may not know, but we’ve wrestled before. It was a couple of months ago, and he broke my arm. I wrestled ten more minutes and then I made him tap out.
Now when you’re grappling, why do you tap out? You tap to avoid breaking a bone. To avoid permanent injury. Okada tapped to avoid something I had already.

That led to me not being able to carry my son, it led to a tag match where he broke my orbital bone, led me to not being able to drive my kids to school and now to here. So am I angry, yes. Am I hungry for revenge, yes. But am I grateful for these injuries? Yes.
Every injury I’ve had has made me a better wrestler. Every time I’ve come back i was better. He broke my arm, I came back better. Fractured my orbital I came back better. Injuries cause you to get better.
I’ve said I was going to break Okada’s arm for two reasons. I want revenge. But I also want to see if breaking his arm will break him, or make him better. And after I break his arm, i’ll kick his f**king head in.

During the same press conference, Will Ospreay made a ‘ceasefire’ offer to another AEW star, which you can read more about right here.
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