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AEW looking to expand live event calendar in 2023

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With the recent signing of Jeff Jarrett as Director of Business Development, many saw this as a sign of AEW looking to expand the live events section of the business, due to Double J’s experience in this field.

With AEW’s live event sales reportedly in a current state of stagnation the move is certainly timely, and as AEW President Tony Khan revealed to Sports Illustrated, the company is looking to expand its live events calendar heading into 2023:
“It makes a lot of sense for AEW to expand our live calendar in 2023 and beyond,” said Khan. “There are many places in the U.S. and all over the world where AEW is very popular, and this is a strategic opportunity to expand. We also have Ring of Honor. There are a lot of exciting possibilities for us in live events, and Jeff has such extensive experience as a third-generation businessman in pro wrestling. He’s got tremendous experience in a number of fields, including live event promotions and international distribution. His insight and knowledge are very valuable, and I’m excited to have Jeff join our great team.”
AEW recently made its Canadian debut in Toronto, and has long touted an eventual UK debut, likely at Fulham’s Craven Cottage.