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WWE name believes CM Punk should sign to Impact Wrestling/TNA

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A current WWE name has discussed CM Punk’s next steps inside the wrestling world and why he believes IMPACT Wrestling would be the best fit for the former AEW star.

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T addressed the recent report that Punk was backstage at a recent IMPACT taping and shared his thoughts on the 45-year-old potentially joining the promotion.

Booker said:
“I look at it like this, if CM Punk was to go to Impact Wrestling and be a part of that crew down there, I think it’s definitely something that could work.
“I really do, just because I think it’s a lot of young guys down there — just like at AEW — that could learn and maybe look towards CM Punk for some guidance or whatever.”

Booker then added that IMPACT’s smaller size in comparison to WWE and AEW could also work in Punk’s favor, continuing:
“I also think about, with CM Punk going to Impact Wrestling, unlike AEW, unlike WWE, his wrestling is going to be more spotlighted on, just because it’s smaller crowds.
“Everything is going to be seen, you’re not going to be able to hide anything in an arena like that. And one thing about getting older you’re going to lose a step, that’s just the way it is.”

With IMPACT’s rebranding back to their old name of TNA coming in early 2024, the promotion has as much buzz now than it has in many years.
Discussing the TNA reboot, Booker explained how the signing of Punk would garner the most buzz for the promotion as they enter this new era, perhaps even to a point where they can compete with the likes of AEW and WWE.

Booker explained:
“TNA would be the spot, If he’s gonna land somewhere, TNA would be the spot because I really feel like TNA could use the rub, people’s eyes will be on TNA.
“It would show … you would actually get a chance to see CM Punk’s star power if the needle moves for TNA.
“If TNA can get back in this race — ’cause right now they running third (behind WWE and AEW) — imagine if TNA numbers could start competing with AEW.

“Oh, man, then people gonna be saying, ‘Did Tony Khan make a mistake?'”
“I think it would create a buzz, as far as this war, this war is expanding. I think TNA was in that war for a long time.
“People looked at TNA as being that second company for a long time. If they could they can get back to that point, I think it would be good for the business, more than anything.”

With Punk’s reputation damaged following his unsavoury exits from both WWE and AEW Booker feels that a move to IMPACT could help him rebuild his legacy.
“I mean CM Punk is somebody that I still feel like has a lot of value for one of these companies out there, I really do.
“I don’t think it’s about the size of the company or anything like that. I think it’s about the legacy that CM Punk wants to leave in the business, more than anything.”
“CM Punk has his ways, and a lot of times from the outside looking in, he wanted it to be in his favor (in AEW).
“I just say that just from what I’ve seen, more than anything. I don’t want to sit here and bash CM Punk or anything because I’m trying to say something nice about what CM Punk has a chance to do.”

Amid all the speculation surrounding his future, Punk recently addressed the chances of showing up back in WWE at Survivor Series 2023.
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