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Jeff Hardy returns to TNA Wrestling

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Jeff Hardy has officially departed AEW and now his next move has been revealed as Hardy started free agency off with a bang.

Former AEW and WWE star Jeff Hardy has made his return to TNA Wrestling at tonight’s Against All Odds event.
It was reported that Jeff Hardy’s AEW contract was set to be expired as early as today (June 14) making way for the appearance.
The main event of Against All Odds was Matt Hardy against Moose.
With the match stipulation being no disqualifications, called a ‘Broken Rules’ match, there were trash can lids, chairs and even a ladder at play in the match.

After a Twist of Fate from Matt Hardy looking like it was about to score him the win, a series of run-ins was prompted, kicked off by Alisha Edwards, who was then met by ‘Queen Rebecca Hardy’.
Reby would hit a Twist of Fate of her own on Alisha Edwards as Matt Hardy got back up to his feet to deliver a spear to Moose.
But instead, Moose pulled Reby into the line of fire as she took a Spear from Matt Hardy through the table set up against the corner instead.

Moose was then able to hit his finishing move to pin Hardy and retain his TNA Wrestling World Championship.
After the match, Eddie Edwards and Brian Myers returned to the ring with The System standing tall to end Against All Odds.
However when it seemed the beatdown was poised to continue, Nic and Ryan Nemeth also came to the Hardys’ aid, and Joe Hendry also ran out to try and help.

Instead, The System also beat down Hendry.
Finally, Jeff Hardy’s music hit as he strolled out to assist, carrying a customized steel chair to aid in his efforts as he and Matt would then fight off The System and stand tall alongside Reby, the Nemeth brothers and Hendry to end the show.

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