WWE Raw 13th of March 2023

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Welcome to this weeks WWE Raw results

In-Ring Segment: Edge
Edge says everyone knows why he is here. Edge calls out Finn Bálor. He wants to be done with this once and for all. All of The Judgement Day appear on the ramp. Bálor says for once he agrees with all the clowns in the WWE Universe; he wants to hear what Edge has to say, too. Edge isn’t here to talk. He’s here to finish this.
Edge says if Bálor isn’t man enough to face him in the ring right now, he can face him at WrestleMania. There is only one way this can end. Edge challenges Bálor to a hell in a cell match at WrestleMania. Bálor accepts and promptly sends the rest of The Judgement Day to the ring. Priest, Dominik and Ripley attack Edge. Johnny Gargano, Dexter Lumis, and Candace LeRae hit the ring and make the save.

Backstage, Chad Gable is handling out flyers. He can’t find Otis.

Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis w/Candace LeRae vs. The Judgement Day
Gargano takes Domink down. Priest tags in at the same time Lumis does. Priest runs over Lumis. Lumis kips up to his feet. Stiff right hand by Lumis. Clothesline by Priest. Lumis tags in Gargano. Gargano sends Domink out of the ring. Gargano takes Priest and Dominik down with a running senton off the apron.
After the break, Priest and Dominik are working over Gargano. After a distraction from Ripley, Priest lands a leaping flatliner. Frog Splash by Dominik. Gargano breaks up the pin. Lumis traps Dominik in Silience. Dominik manages to tag in Priest. Priest boots Lumis in the face and hits South of Heaven for the win.
Winner: The Judgement Day

Earlier today, all three members of Damage CTRL attacked WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus.

In-Ring Segment: Omos and MVP
MVP says Brock Lesnar is a great athlete but he made a tactical error when he put his hands on him a few weeks ago. Lesnar made an even bigger mistake accepting a match with Omos at WrestleMania. MVP tries to finish his thought but Brock Lesnar’s music hits. Lesnar stomps his way to the ring. MVP steps out of the way as Lesnar enters the ring. Omos and Lesnar stare each other down.
Omos puts his fist in Lesnar’s face before offering him a handshake. The crowd chants “Suplex City.” Lesnar accepts Omos’ handshake. Omos wont let Lesnar’s hand go. Lesnar stomps on Omos’ foot and tries a German suplex. Lesnar can’t get Omos up. Omos pushes Lesnar out of the ring. Referees and officials run down to ringside to break it up. Lesnar looks worried. Lesnar says ok.. asks for his hat, and walks away.

Cody Rhodes vs. LA Knight
After a series of counters, Rhodes blasts Knight in the face with a knee strike. Knight kicks out and rolls out of the ring. Rhodes tries a dive but Knight catches him with an elbow to the face. Knight slams Rhodes’ arm into the ringpost. Rhodes Slams Knight’s arm on the ringsteps. Rhodes tosses Knight back into the ring and goes up top. Knight leaps up to the top rope and suplexes Rhodes off. After the break, Rhodes hits his finish for the win.
Winner- Cody Rhodes
After the match, Rhodes says Mr. Heyman keeps telling him to stay out of Bloodline business. He would like to reiterate, he doesn’t work for Mr. Heyman. Mr. Heyman keeps saying not to make this personal. It’s been personal since day one. He doesn’t wear a suit because he thinks he is somebody, he wears it because he wants to be somebody.
Mr. Heyman wants him to acknowledge Roman Reigns, but Reigns needs to acknowledge him. He’s waited his whole life, he will wait no more. He will be the first Rhodes to ever say they are the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

Bronson Reed vs. Elias w/Rick Boogs
Reed tosses Elias all over the ring. Elias mounts little offense before getting flattened by a Tsunami.
Winner- Bronson Reed

Lita and Becky Lynch barge into the trainer’s room to check on Trish Stratus. Gable is still looking for Otis.

Angelo Dawkins vs. Austin Theory
After a series, counters, Dawkins lands a dropkick. Theory beats Dawkins into the corner. Headlock takeover by Theory. Theory works a headlock. Dawkins escapes. Dawkins blasts Theory with a right hand that staggers both men. Theory pulls Dawkins out of the ring. Theory tosses Dawkins into the barricade multiple times.
After the break, Dawkins fires up and lands a flurry of offense. Pounce by Dawkins. Theory stuns Dawkins on the top rope. Rolling dropkick by Theory. Dawkins kicks out. Dawkins tries a spinning splash in the corner. Theory blasts Dawkins with a stiff right hand in midair. Theory lands A-Town Down for the win.
Winner- Austin Theory
After the match, Theory traps Dawkins in the STF. Montez Ford makes the save.

In-Ring Segment: Rey Mysterio
Mysterio says his Hall of Fame induction isn’t just an award for him, its an award for the WWE Universe as well. Mysterio’s son Dominik interrupts says he earned his Hall of Fame induction at the expense of his family. Mysterio chose all of these strangers instead of being there for his kids. Dominik says his father ditched him for WrestleMania. Dominik challenges Mysterio to a match at WrestleMania. Mysterio says he doesn’t know how many times he has to say this, but he will not fight his own son. Mysterio walks away. Dominik berates him as he walks up the ramp.

Backstage, Trish Stratus is with Lita and Becky Lynch. Lita says Damage CTRL should have finished the job. Stratus says she’s been hit a lot harder than that before. If Damage CTRL wants to try to divide and conquer, they can do the same.'

Seth “Freakin” Rollins vs. Baron Corbin
The Miz is at the commentary desk to watch the match. Before the bell rings, Corbin attacks Rollins. The bell rings and Rollins fires back. Rollins sends Corbin out of the ring. Dive by Rollins. Flying knee off the apron by Rollins. Rollins sends Corbin flying into Miz at the commentary desk. Miz gets on the apron. Rollins kicks Miz in the head, sending him careening into the ring. Rollins leap off Miz’s back and Stomps Corbin for the win.
Winner- Seth Rollins

Bianca Belair vs. Chelsea Green w/Carmella
Belair works over Green. Green distracts the referee while Carmella superkicks Belair. Belair kicks out. After the break, Belair fires up. Carmella hops up on the apron. Belair knocks Carmella off the apron with a handspring attack. Belair tries a moonsault, but Green gets her knees up. Green lands a few strikes. Belair counters a clothesline into the KOD for the win.
Winner- Bianca Belair
After the match, Carmella and Green attack Belair. Asuka hits the ring and makes the save. Asuka picks up the Raw Women’s championship and refuses to give it to Belair. Belair tries to take it but Asuka starts to spew blue liquid. Asuka cackles as Belair looks on in confusion.

Street Fight: Kevin Owens vs. Solo Sikoa
Before the bell rings Sikoa meets Owens in the asle. Senton by Owens. The fight spills out of the ring. Owens floors Sikoa with a clothesline. Sikoa slams Owens head into the commentary desk. Owens does the same to Sikoa, over and over again. Owens sends Sikoa back into the ring before running right into a Samoan drop from Sikoa.
Sikoa works over Owens. After the break, Owens tosses a bunch of chairs in the ring. Sikoa rolls out of the ring. Owens follows and hits Sikoa with a chair. Sikoa crawls back in the ring as Owens is standing up a bunch of chairs. Owens knocks Sikoa into the chairs. Owens goes up top. Sikoa cuts him off and tries to set up a suplex. Owens fights out of it. Sikoa launches Owens off the top into the chairs. Sikoa only gets a two count.
Owens rolls out of the ring. Sikoa follows. Owens sends Sikoa into the ring post. Sikoa falls on the barricade. Owens cannonballs Sikoa. The fight spills to the backstage area. Owens walks into a double superkick from The Usos. The Usos drag Owens back to the ring. The Usos double superkick Owens. Samoan Spike by Sikoa. Sikoa pins Owens.
Winner- Solo Sikoa

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