WWE Backlash 2023

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WWE Backlash Results, May 6, 2023, report by John Matiesen for jjasportstudio.com

Raw Women’s Championship Match: Bianca Belair (c) vs. Iyo Sky
Belair and Sky trade pin attempts. The crowd is firmly behind Sky, in a change of pace. Belair seems to be loving every minute of it, as she smiles while they cheer Sky. After a flip to avoid Sky, Belair lands a dropkick. Belair lands two body slams in a row. Sky escapes a third and stuns Belair’s arm on the top rope. Sky goes up top and locks Belair in a straightjacket choke. Belair clutches her arm as Sky lands a double stomp to it. Sky focuses her assault on Belair’s left arm. Sky works over Belair.
Belair tries the Glam Slam but Sky rolls through and lands a double stomp. Belair’s arm is in bad shape. Sky and Belair trade strikes. Sky tries a head scissors but Belair reverses it into a back breaker. Belair hurts her arm in the process. Belair lands a flurry of strikes. Corner 10 punches by Belair. Belair sits Sky on the top rope. Belair does a gorilla press slam with one arm before dropping Sky on her face. Superstar splash by Belair. Sky kicks out.
Sky fires back with a few strikes Sky walks the ropes before slamming Belair’s arm on the top rope. Missile dropkick by Sky. Belair falls out of the ring. Sky goes up top. Belair pushes her off. Belair tries a 450 splash. Sky gets her knees up and locks in a crossface. Belair almost counters into a powerbomb but Sky turns it into a facebuster. Sky counters the KOD with an armdrag. Belair falls out of the ring. Sky lands a moonsault off the top to the outside area. Belair isn’t moving. Sky sends her back into the ring. Belair kicks out. Sky tries a ranna off the top.
Belair holds on and hits a sit out powerbomb off the top! Sky kicks out! Dakota Kai and Bayley walk to the ring. Sky grabs Belair’s ponytail. Belair pulls Sky into the KOD position. Kai gets on the apron. Belair wacks Kai with Sky. Sky turns the move into a sunset flip. Belair kicks out. Kai lands a head kick while Bayley distracts the referee. Sky goes up top for the Over the Moonsault, but Bayley gets caught holding Belair’s braid to keep her in place. After that confusion, Sky misses her moonsault. Belair hits the KOD for the win!
Winner and STILL Raw Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair!

Backstage, Bad Bunny and Rey Mysterio have a conversation about tonight in Spanish. Savio Vega walks in to a huge pop. Vega gifts Bad Bunny a kendo stick with the Puerto Rican flag on it.

Seth “Freakin” Rollins vs. Omos w/MVP
Omos clocks Rollins as he is playing to the crowd while they sing his song. The bell rings, and Omos turns Rollins inside out with a shoulderblock. Rollins stuns Omos on the top rope. Rollins tries a springboard but Omos swats him out of the air with a clubbing blow. Omos works over Rollins. Rollins is sent over the top. Omos follows. Rollins sends Omos into the ring post. Suicide dive by Rollins. Omos doesn’t go down. Rollins tries again and gets caught by the throat and chokeslamed on the apron. Omos press slam Rollins back into the ring.
Snake eyes by Omos, followed by a big boot. Omos mocks Rollins and the crowd. Rollins tries a sleeper. Omos shrugs him off. Rollins lands a springboard knee. Omos is still on his feet. Rollins lays in a few leg kicks. Dropkick to the knee by Rollins. Omos drops to a knee. Superkick by Rollins. Rollins tries to set up a pedigree while Omos is on his knees. Omos back body drops Rollins. Omos misses a splash in the corner. Rollins slams Omos’ head into the ring post.
Tornado DDT by Rollins. Frog splash by Rollins. Omos kicks out at one. Rollins lands a diving elbow to the back of Omos’ head. Rollins tries the Stomp but Omos blocks it. Chokeslam by Omos. Omos tries a choke bomb. Rollins blocks it. Sleeper by Rollins. Omos struggles but Rollins has it in deep. Omos reverses it into a sidewalk slam. MVP gets on the apron. Rollins lands the Stomp and dropkicks MVP off the apron. Rollins lands a second Stomp. Omos kicks out! Rollins dives off the top and lands another Stomp for the win!
Winner- Seth “Freakin” Rollins

United States Championship Match: Austin Theory (c) vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Bronson Reed
Theory goes straight for Lashley but Lashley floors him with a shoulder block. Lashley sends Theory into Reed. Lashley clotheslines Reed, causing him to DDT Theory. Theory breaks up the Hurt Lock with a dropkick. Delayed vertical suplex by Lashley to Theory. Theory tripes Lashley. Reed immediately delivers a splash to Lashley’s back. Reed and Theory beatdown Lashley. Lashley spinebusters Reed and Theory. Lashley rolls out of the ring. Reed hits a slingshot splash onto Theory.
Reed goes up top but Theory crotches him on the top. Lashley locks Theory in the Hurt Lock. Theory drops down into a pin. Lashley kicks out. but Reed flattens him with the Tsnamui. Theory breaks up the pin. Theory Blockbusters Reed. Reed escpaes the A-Town Down into a bodyslam. Reed tries a moonsault but Theory moves out of the way. Lashley cuts Reed in half with a Spear. Theory pushes Lashley out of the ring and steals the pin for the win.
Winner and STILL United States Champion, Austin Theory!

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match: Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Zelina Vega
The crowd is solidly behind Vega. They are going crazy and the match hasn’t started yet. Ripley sends Ripley into the corner. Vega dodges and lands a head kick. Ripley rolls out of the ring and her mother hands her a chancla. The crowd pops. Vega tosses it at Ripley. Ripley gets upset and gives chase. Vega tries a diving ranna off the top but Ripley reverses it into a massive powerbomb. Ripley works over Vega. Ripley tries a shoulder block and ends up getting posted. Vega fires back with a few strikes.
Clothesline by Vega. Ripley doesn’t go down. Another clothesline by Vega. Ripley is still on her feet. Vega tries again and runs into a headbutt. Ripley tries Riptide but Vega reverses it into a DDT. 619 by Vega. Vega lands a top rope Meteora. Ripley cuts out at 2.9. Vega hits the ropes and runs right into a head kick by Ripley. Ripley hits Riptide for the win.
Winner and STILL SmackDown Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley!

San Juan Street Fight: Damian Priest vs. Bad Bunny
Before Bad Bunny gets to the ring, he grabs a trashcan full of weapons and rolls it to the rings. Bad Bunny gets in Priest face. Priest pushes Bad Bunny down and celebrates. Priest drives Bad Bunny into the corner. Bad Bunny is trapped. Priest pats Bad Bunny on the head. Bad Bunny picks up Priest and hits a Michinoku Driver! Priest kicks out. Bad Bunny brings a kendo stick into the ring. Priest tackles Bad Bunny and breaks the kendo stick. Priest slams Bad Bunny. Bad Bunny pokes Priest in the eye and lands a few strikes. Jawbreaker by Bad Bunny.
Bad Bunny tries the corner twn punches but Priest escapes. Roll up by Bad Bunny. Priest kicks out. Priest drops Bad Bunny with a stiff right hand. Corner splash by Priest. South of Heaven by Priest. Priest picks Bad Bunny up to break his own pin. Bad Bunny was done, but Priest isn’t. Priest pulls an axe handle out of Bad Bunny’s carriage of weapons. Priest throws the weapon away and tries his patented dive. Bad Bunny stops Priest in midair by tossing a chair in his face. Priest gets to his feet.
Bad Bunny clotheslines Priest over the top. Bad Bunny goes up top and lands a crossbody to the outside. Priest gets to his feet. Bad Bunny plays drums on Priest head with two trashcan lids. Bad Bunny grabs a kendo stick and wears Priest out. Falcon arrow by Bad Bunny. Priest kicks out. Priest’s nose is bleeding so he tries to take a walk up the ramp. He’s done with this match. Bad Bunny follows. Priest kicks a trashcan into Bad Bunny’s face. Priest works Bad Bunny love with a kendo stick. Bad Bunny is dazed. Priest tosses Bad Bunny into the timekeeper’s area. The fight spills into the crowd.
Priest places Bad Bunny on a road case. Bad Bunny and Priest trade shots. Priest broken arrows Bad Bunny off the road case through a table. both Priest and Bad Bunny are down. Adam Pearce and several referees check on Bad Bunny. Shawn Davari tries to hold Priest back. Priest says Bad Bunny isn’t done because he’s not done. Bad Bunny isn’t moving. Priest carries Bad Bunny back to the ring. Priest works over Bad Bunny at ringside. Bad Bunny ducks Priest spinkick. Priest ends up kicking the ring post. Priest calls for the referee. He’s hurt. Bad Bunny grabs a kendo stick and hits Priest in the leg with it. Priest tries a big boot.
Bad Bunny catches it and hyperextends it with a drop down. Priest is writhing in pain. Bad Bunny slams Priest’s leg into the ring post over and over again. Bad Bunny grabs a chain a hits Priest in the leg with it. Priest begs Bad Bunny to stop. Bad Bunny hits Priest in the leg with a chair. Bad Bunny hesitates as Priest begs. Priest apologizes to Bad Bunny. Bad Bunny listens. Priest kicks Bad Bunny in the face. Priest hops around on one leg and picks up a chair. Bad Bunny low blows Priest. Dominik and Finn Bálor hit the ring and attack Bad Bunny.
Rey Mysterio hits the ring and tries to make the save but gets cut off. Carlito’s music hits! Carlito is wearing an LWO shirt. Carlito clocks everyone. Mysterio lands a 619. Backstabber by Carlito. Carlito takes a bite of an apple. Dominick tries a sneak attack but Carlito spits the apple in his face. Bálor and Dominik try to run away but Savio Vega’s music hits. Savio blocks the exist. The LWO joins him. Santos Escobar, Cruz del Toro, and Joaquin Wilde attack Bálor and Dominik.
Back in the ring, Priest tries a cyclone kick but his knee gives out. Bad Bunny locks Priest in a figure four. Priest is screaming in agony. Priest breaks the hold and tries South of Heaven. Bad Bunny turns it into a pin. Priest kicks out. Priest charges in and Bad Bunny side steps, causing Priest to slam his head into a chair propped up in the corner. Sliced bread #2 by Bad Bunny. Priest kicks out. Bad Bunny works Priest over with a chair. Bad Bunny hits the Bunny Destroyer for the win!
Winner- Bad Bunny

The Usos and Solo Sikoa vs. Matt Riddle and the Undisputed Tag Team Champions, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens
Jey and Zayn start the match. Jey floors Zayn with a shoulder block. The Usos celebrate while Zayn gets to his feet. Riddle, Owens, and Zayn work over Jimmy. Jimmy rolls to his corner and talks to Jey. Sikoa tags himself in. Sikoa beats Zayn into the corner. Jey tags in and lands a few strikes. Zayn tries to fire back but Jey drags him into the Bloodline corner. Sikoa tags himself back in and continues his assault on Zayn. The Bloodline takes turns working over Zayn.
Zayn almost makes it to tag in Owens, but Jey Uso pulls him off the apron. Jey ends Owens into the ring steps. Zayn manages to tag in Riddle. Riddle clears the ring. Riddle flattens the Bloodline with a springboard floating bro. Back in the ring, Riddle walks right into a superkick. Riddle kicks out. Jimmy goes up top. Riddle hops up top and belly to belly suplexes Jimmy off the top. Owens finally gets back on the apron. Riddle tags in Owens. Owens crushes Jimmy with a swanton. Jimmy kicks out. Jimmy blocks the Stunner.
Owens ducks a superkick. Jimmy accidentally superkicks his bother Jey. Owens superkicks Jimmy, and Sikoa. Pop up powerbomb by Owens. Jey kicks out. Owens tries another swanton but Jey gets his knees up. Owens and Jey trade superkicks. Jey knocks Owens into the ropes. Owens expodes off the ropes with a lariat. Zayn and Jimmy both get the tag. Zayn lands a blue thunderbomb. Jimmy kicks out. Both Usos jump Zayn. Zayn fight off both Usos. Zayn dives off the top into a double superkick by the Usos. Somehow, Zayn kicks out. Jey jaws at Zayn. Jey calls for the running hip attack. Sikoa tags himself in.
Jey tags himself back in and screams that he’s Sikoa’s big brother. Zayn boots Jey and Sikoa in the face. Sikoa breaks up Zayn’s pin on Jey. Zayn and Jey are down. Sikoa looks as though he is deciding who to attack. Owens charges in and gets obliterated by a Samoan Spike. Jey bumps into Sikoa. Sikoa instinctively grabs him by the throat for a Samoan Spike. Sikoa hesitates Jey reminds him that he’s his brother. Riddle gets the tag as Sikoa gets a blind tag. Riddle drops Jey with Bro Derek and tries to pin him. Jey isn’t legal. Sikoa is. Sikoa grabs Riddle and turns him inside out with a Samoan Spike for the win.
Winners- The Usos and Solo Sikoa

Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar
As Lesnar is making his way to the ring Rhodes surprises Lesnar with a dive. Rhodes hits Lesnar with part of the announce desk. Lesnar is dazed already. Rhodes picks up the ring steps and hits Lesnar with them. Lesnar hits the deck. Rhodes grabs a chair and beats the holy hell out of Lesnar with it. Rhodes sends Lesnar back in the ring. The bell rings. Lesnar drives Rhodes into the corner. Disaster kick by Rhodes. Rhodes tries another springboard but Lesnar plucks him out of the air and hits a German suplex.
Rhodes tries a crossbody off the top but Lesnar catches him. Fallaway slam by Lesnar. Lesnar proceeds to hit multiple German suplexes. Lesnar lands a few verticle suplexes. Rhodes gets to his feet and ends up in the corner. Lesnar grabs Rhodes for another German suplex but Rhodes pulls off the turnbuckle pad as he’s getting tossed in the air. Bearhug by Lesnar. Rhodes tries to fight out of it, but Lesnar belly to belly suplexes him. Lesnar charges in but Rhodes dropkicks him in the knee.
Lesnar falls headfirst into the exposed turnbuckle. Lesnar is busted open! Cody cutter by Rhodes. Lesnar face is covered in blood. Disaster kick by Rhodes. Rhodes hits two Crossroads. Lesnar kicks out. Lesnar surprises Rhodes with an F5. Rhodes somehow kicks out. Lesnar traps Rhodes in the kimura. Rhodes is screaming in pain. Rhodes is about to tap but but he rolls forward into a pin for the three count!
Winner- Cody Rhodes

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