AEW Dynamite 17th of May 2023

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All Elite Wrestling presented a star-studded episode of AEW Dynamite on May 17.

Chris Jericho, Jay White, Britt Baker, and other noteworthy names competed on the show.
The results are as follows:

In-Ring Segment: TNT Champion Wardlow
Wardlow calls out Christian Cage, who comes out with Luchasaurus. Cage and Wardlow talk some trash, as the veteran says he’s the next champion. Wardlow grabs Cage, and Luchasaurus takes the fight to him. Wardlow brawls with both of them. Cage hits Wardlow below the belt, and the beatdown continues. Luchasaurubs gives Cage a ladder, and Christian hits Wardlow with it. Luchasaurus slams Wardlow through the ladder. Cage hits Wardlow with the Killswitch on the ladder.

Orange Cassidy & Darby Allin vs. Big Bill & Lee Moriarty
Cassidy and Moriarty start the bout and feel each other out. They trade pin attempts, and they’re evenly matched early on. Allin and Bill tag in, and Allin sends him to the outside. Moriarty and Bill gain the upper hand and isolate Allin. Cassidy rallies and sends Moriarty crashing into Bill. Allin tags in and clears house with a flurry of offense. Big Bill takes control with a thunderous slam. Cassidy perseveres and drops Bill with an acrobatic DDT. Moriarty slams Cassidy to the mat. Cassidy tags Allin, and they take Moriarty down with a double superplex. Bill clotheslines both of his opponents. Cassidy drops Moriarty with the Beach Break. Allin hits the Coffin Drop on Moriarty and pins him with a headlock takeover.
Winner: Darby Allin & Orange Cassidy

The Young Bucks arrive in the parking lot. They’re surrounded by the Blackpool Combat Club, and they fight. The BCC gains the upper hand, as they outnumber the Bucks. Moxley grabs the camera and says the BCC are the only elite in the business.

In the trainer’s room, Arn Anderson approaches Wardlow and asks him what he’s prepared to do. The TNT Champion says he’s willing to beat Cage at his own game, as he challenges him to a Ladder Match at AEW Double or Nothing.

Backstage, AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy is asked about Kyle Fletcher, who has made it clear that he wants a title shot. Cassidy says that anyone who wants to challenge him for the title at AEW Double or Nothing should go see Tony Khan, as he’ll face them all.

Sammy Guevara vs. Exodus Prime
Guevara almost instantly hits the GTH for the win.
Winner: Sammy Guevara
Guevara grabs a microphone and looks back on his journey up to this point. He notes that the fans have seen his mistakes first-hand. Guevara brings up AEW Double or Nothing and says he’s been doubetd his whole life, but he doesn’t listen to it. He says that he will win the AEW World Championship at AEW Double or Nothing.

A video package highlights the AEW World Championship match at AEW Double or Nothing.

In-Ring Segment: Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and Satnam Singh
Jarrett, Lethal, Dutt, and Singh come to the ramp when Tony Schiavone invites them to the ring for an interview. AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR blindsides the quartet, as they shove Singh off a stage and through a table. FTR beats up Jarrett and Lethal and goes for the Big Rig. Karen Jarrett gets in the ring and hits Cash Wheeler below the belt. Jeff Jarrett drops Dax with The Stoke. Jeff Jarrett and Lethal break guitars over FTR’s heads and stand tall with the titles.
Darby Allin discusses the world title match at AEW Double or Nothing in an interview. Sammy Guevara interrupts and says he won’t lay down for MJF; instead, he’s going to make it hard for everyone. Guevara says one of them needs to take the title from MJF. Allin says, “Let the best man win.”

The Outcasts (Ruby Soho & Toni Storm) (with Saraya) vs. Britt Baker & Hikaru Shida
The two teams brawl early on. Shida and Baker gain the upper hand, but The Outcasts take control. Baker and Soho swing the momentuk back in their favor. Saraya interferes, and Storm knocks Baker to the outside with a hip attack. Saraya attacks Baker at ringside. Storm and Soho isolate Baker and gang up on her. Shida tags in and takes control wth a flurry of offense. Shida gets a two count with the Falcon Arrow. Baker tags in and suplexes Soho. Shida hits Soho with a Meteora. Saraya dustarcts Baker, and Storm blinds her with some hairspray. Soho pins Baker with the Storm Zero.
Winners: The Outcasts (Ruby Soho & Toni Storm)

Backstage, Orange Cassidyis told that 20 people talked to Tony Khan. He said he’d fight them all in the Blackjack Battle Royal for the AEW International Championship at AEW Double or Nothing.

Backstage, AEW CEO Tony Khan comments on the announcement that AEW Collision will premiere on TNT on Saturday, June 17. He comments on AEW Collision and notes that the company will go on tour. Khan says the location for the premiere of AEW Collision will be announced next week.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Chris Jericho vs. Roderick Strong
Per the stipulation, Adam Cole and the Jericho Appreciation Society have been barred from ringside. Strong and Jericho battle it out and trade stiff chops. Strong slams Jericho onto the apron. They exchange blows and brawl around ringside. Jericho gets Strong back in the ring and goes for a Codebreaker. Strong counters, but Jerricho traps him in the Walls of Jericho.
Strong escapes, and the match spills out of the ring. The two stars brawl in the crowd. They fight up the stairs and into the upper levels of the arena. Jericho suplexes Strong through a table. Strong and Jericho keep batting in a stairwell. Strong blinds Jericho with some ice cream as they brawl in the concessions area.
The fight winds up on the outside of the building. Adam Cole shows up behind Jericho and attacks him. Cole and Strong attack Jericho, and Strong pins him.
Winner: Roderick Strong

“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry vs. RUSH (with Jose the Assistant)
RUSH sends Perry to the outside and slams him into the barricade multiple times. RUSH maintains the advantage as he grounds Perry and continues to punish him. Perry is busted open, and RUSH slams him into the barricade again. Back in the ring, RUSH continues to dominate. Perry rallies and takes the fight to the former ROH World Champion. Perry takes RUSH down with a hurricanrana off the top rope. “Jungle Boy” ducks a punch and locks RUSH in the Snare Trap. RUSH wipes his hand in Perry’s blood and licks it. They trade blows, and RUSH sends Perry crashing to the floor with a belly-to-belly suplex.
RUSH argues with the referee, and Perry rolls him up for the win.
Winner: “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry
RUSH and Preston Vance attack Perry after the bell. Darby Allin tries to make the save, but Vance overpowers him. RUSH and Vance continue the assault, but Guevara comes down and attacks RUSH. He takes the fight to Vance, and Allin drops Jose with a Scorpion Death Drop.

AEW World Champion MJF is backstage. He is asked about the title match, and he slaps Renee Paquette’s microphone away. MJF walks away without saying anything.

In an interview, Toni Storm challenges AEW Women’s World Champion Jamie Hayter to a match at AEW Double or Nothing.

Jay White (with Juice Robinson) vs. Ricky Starks
White plays mind games with Starks by avoding Starks early on. “Switchblade” gets back in the ring, and Starks takes the fight to him in the corner. White takes control with a suplex on the apron. He grounds Starks for a few minutes and controls the action. Starks rallies and dumps White with a belly-to-belly suplex. The former FTW Champion plants White with a DDT. White gains the upper hands as he dumps Starks over the rope rope and down to the floor. Starks catches White with a swinging neckbreaker. Starks counters the Bladerunner and rolls up White for a two count. White gouges Starks’ eyes. Robinson tries to interfere, and Starks hits him with a chair. Starks hits White with a chair and gets disqualified.
Winner via disqualification: Jay White

In-Ring Segment: Don Callis
Callis is asked to explain why he turned on Kenny Onega. Calllis says he’s the only victirm in the situation. He says that without him, there is no Kenny Omega. Omega comes out and brawls with security guards. The Blackbool Combat Club attacks Omega from behind.
Jon Moxley says the war is already over. He tells Omega to stay down. Moxley says the Blackpool Combat Club is the elite. The Young Bucks come out to give Omega some backup, but they’re still outnumbered. Hangman Page, making his first appearance since the April 5 episode of AEW Dynamite, joined them, and they brawled with the Blackpool Combat Club. Page then challenged the Blackpool Combat Club to face The Elite in an Anarchy in the Arena match at AEW Double or Nothing.
The Elite stands tall to close the show.

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