Impact Wrestling 18th of May 2023

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Welcome to JJA Sport Studio’s coverage of IMPACT Wrestling! The show opens with a video package highlighting last week’s events.

Trey Miguel vs. Laredo Kid
Trey kicks away a handshake from Laredo. Kid tries to tie Trey up to start, Trey reverses it, and they both kip up. They run around each other for 30 seconds until Trey rolls out and retreats. Kid dives out to take Trey down into the barricade. Trey manages to wipe Kid’s feet out from under him with a kick on the apron. Trey uppercuts him while still on the outside. They roll back in where Trey delivers a low dropkick, cover. Trey does a cheap shot in the corner to Kid’s face.
Trey does the Eddie shimmy as he continues picking Kid apart. Kid lands on his feet and delivers a couple clothelines, followed by a michinoku driver. Kid does a moonsault out of the corner for a cover. Trey comes back with a dropkick to cut Kid off. Trey delivers a couple more kicks until Kid catches him with a blockbuster to spike him. Both men regather themselves, Kid covers. Kid smacks Trey in the back of the head outside the ring. Back in, Kid applies a head/arm stretch with his legs. Trey back flips out over and dropkicks, nearfall. Trey swipes Kid’s mask off his face and rolls him up for the three.
Winner: Trey Miguel
Trey gets on the mic and degrades the fans in Chicago. He says he’s going to hold the show ransom until he gets the respect he deserves. He sits down in the ring. After the break, Chris Sabin comes out. Sabin names all the icons that Trey disrespected by defacing the X-Division title. Sabin runs down his accomplishments and says he’s not out to lecture him. Rather, he’s here to give Trey respect by telling him to his face that he’s going to become a nine-time champ at Under Siege. Sabin tells him to get the hell out, so Trey leaves.

Backstage, Jai Vidal confronts Trinity. Jai says Gisele wasn’t happy about their photo, but she won’t be back until next week. Trinity reminds him that she has an open contract for Under Siege.

Sami Callihan and Rich Swann tell the story of their history together in a sit-down segment backstage.

Ace Austin vs. Jason Hotch
Brian Myers cuts a promo as he introduces The Good Hands.
Ace and Hotch start their match with a lock up. Hootch works the arm and then turns it into a headlock. Ace switches things into a headlock on the mat using his legs. After the break, Ace chops Hotch in the corner and then Hotch dishes it back. Ace does a running forearm and then whips Hotch across only to get hit by a back elbow. Hotch hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a cover. They trade blows in the center and then Ace hits a Side Russian Legsweep. Hotch targets the leg before Ace plants him face first into the mat. Hotch blockbusters Ace for a nearfall. Ace tries a roll up but gets kicked off. Myers strikes him on the side and then Hotch rolls Ace up for the win.
Winner: Jason Hotch

Backstage, Steve Maclin confronts Champagne Singh and Shera.

Gia Miller interviews Jordynne Grace about her last chance title shot at Under Siege. Grace says she wants to be the face of the division and then Alisha interrupts and says she can’t fool everyone.

Trinity vs. KiLynn King
King pushes Trinity’s face before the action really begins. Trinity tries the Rear View, but King evades. King gets back in but gets rolled up a couple times. King tries a legdrop but Trinity rolled away. Trin does a split to the midsection, cover. King kicks her in the gut. Taylor Wilde trips Trin near the ropes, allowing King to take control with a kick to the head in the ropes. King kicks her in the back and then applies a headlock on the mat into a body scissors. Trinity punches her way out and tries a jack knife cover. King clotheslines Trinity back down, cover. King delivers chest chops until Trinity escapes and kicks her in the head.
King shoves her into the turnbuckle to stop her once again. King flips Trinity over before choking her in the ropes. Wilde gets involved again while the ref is turned around. Trinity gets another opening and goes up top only for Wilde to knock her down. Wilde gets ejected. King chases her up and Trinity knees her off. Trinity does a crossbody and then hits a couple clotheslines. Trinity goes up top and hits a blockbuster, nearfall. King body slams her and covers. Trinity plants King into the mat off the ropes for another nearfall. Trinity throws punches and then gets hit with a DDT, cover. Trinity flips out of a move and then applies her submission on the mat to win.
Winner: Trinity
Jai Vidal comes out and accepts the Under Siege open contract on behalf of Gisele Shaw. Jai tries to slap Trinity but she stops him. Trinity says she’ll see Gisele at Under Siege and then kicks him in the head.

Maclin, Shera, and Singh attack PCO backstage and then double chokeslam him. Maclin places concrete on PCO and strikes him with a sledge hammer.

The Coven confronts Jessicka as she’s still waiting for Rosemary.

Jody Threat vs. Sierra
Lock up to start. Threat backs her into the corner and then Sierra reverses positions. Threat does corner clotheslines and then suplexes Sierra. Threat goes up top and hits a seated senton. Sierra does a jaw breaker to try and get an opening but Threat does a shoulder tackle. Threat with double knees in the ropes and then a German suplex. Threat hits an F416 for the win.
Winner: Jody Threat

Eddie and Alisha confront Kazarian backstage. Eddie tells Frankie to follow his lead tonight and Frankie says he hopes this goes better than Honor No More.

Swinger and Dice are backstage with Dango. They frame Joe Hendry once again as Hendry appears. Dango gets suspicious and flat out accuses Hendry of attacking Santino. Hendry says he’s moving on. Dango holds him back and gets his shirt ripped. Hendry gets laid out.

The announcers run down the Under Siege card and confirm Trinity vs. Gisele Shaw.

Set for next week: Alan Angels vs. Rich Swann, plus Mike Bailey vs. Chris Sabin.

Moose, Eddie Edwards & Frankie Kazarian vs. Yuya Uemura, Jonathan Gresham & Alex Shelley
Shelley and Edwards start the bout with arm holds. Eddie makes a rough tag to Kazarian, who quickly tags Moose. Shelley tags in Yuya in return. Moose gets chopped in the corner and then hit with an arm drag into a lock on the mat. Kaz gets the tag and he gets hit with an arm drag as well. Gresham takes over with the wrist lock. Kaz hits a belly to back suplex and covers. Eddie comes back in and and headbutts Gresham. Shelley and Gresham double team Eddie for a beat.
Shelley applies the STF on the mat. Yuya comes in and works the leg until he gets kicked out of the ring. Same thing happens to Gresham before Yuya returns. Yuya dropkicks Eddie’s leg as the action breaks down with all six men. Shelley’s team stands tall heading into the break. We come back to Yuya suplexing Eddie. Moose tries chokeslamming Shelley but then reverses to get Eddie to DDT Moose. Shelley gets yanked out by Moose and then slammed into the apron.
Kaz covers Shelley and then tags Moose. Eddie and Moose trade tags to continue picking Shelley apart. Eddie prevents Shelley from making the tag with a sleeper. Boston Knee Party connects. Kaz gets a chopping tag from Eddie. Shelley drops Kaz face first into the turnbuckle. Eddie and Yuya both get tags. Yuya knocks Moose off before tackling Eddie. Moose accidentally uppercuts Eddie and Yuya takes advantage with offense. Yuya backdrops Eddie, cover.
Eddie hits Blue Thunder Bomb and tags Moose. Yuya gets hit with a backbreaker and then powerbomb, nearfall. Gresham getss tagged and he dropkicks Moose’s legs. Gresham evades a powerbomb and kicks him in the head. Gresham extends the knee and Kaz gets tagged. Kaz hits a legdrop on Gresham, Shelley returns. Kaz clotheslines Shelley a few times, bodyslam and legdrop follows. Kaz hits Shelley with a slingshot DDT, nearfall. Eddie tags in on Kaz and Shelley drops both of them. Eddie counters and backpack stuns Shelley, Yuya breaks it. Action breaks down again and Moose gets dumped out. Yuya crossbodies out onto him. Eddie is shoved into Kaz and they argue. Kaz clotheslines Eddie. Shelley hits Shell Shock and pins Eddie.
Winners: Yuya Uemura, Jonathan Gresham & Alex Shelley
The winning team celebrates to close the show. 

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