AEW Rampage 10th of November 2023

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All Elite Wrestling delivered an action-packed show with the November 10 episode of AEW Rampage.

Tonight, FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) will compete on Friday. The duo will face AAA World Cruiserweight Champion Komander and AAA Mega Champion El Hijo del Vikingo.
The results are as follows:

Match 1: Ricky Starks defeats Preston Vance via pinfall
The night opened up with a Starks win, as he took down Vance after some early back and forth battling between both superstars. Late in the match, Vance was able to flip some momentum and tried to lock in a full nelson, but Starks was able to get out of it. Big Bill then jumped on the apron to distract Vance, and let Starks hit a big move on Vance for the win while the referee was distracted.
After the match, Starks and Bill ambushed Vance, and things continued to get chaotic until Rush and Dralistico came running down to make the save.

Backstage segment: Chris Jericho
Jericho was asked about his upcoming match on Sunday in Tokyo against Konosuke Takeshita. He said that he’s better than Takeshita, and will show him on Sunday.

Backstage segment: Don Callis
Callis was interviewed about the 4th member of his team, and said that he worked out a deal with Prince Nana to have Brian Cage replace Sammy Guevara in the street fight planned for next week.

Backstage segment: Jay Lethal
Lethal and Jeff Jarrett + crew were all backstage, and Lethal said he’s going to prove to Eddie Kingston that he’s better than him by taking the ROH World Championship. Ortiz then showed up and got in Lethal’s face, causing a big ruckus to take place.
The segment ended with Ortiz punching Lethal, causing a big brawl that AEW officials had to step into to break up.

Match 2: Red Velvet defeats Ruby soho via pinfall
In the second match of the night, Soho was able to score a big win against Velvet. Late in the match, Soho absolutely took control, slamming her into the turnbuckle. Suddenly, someone at ringside gave flowers to Soho, surprising her and allowing Velvet to try a quick roll up. Soho kicked out, but Velvet then hit a big spinning kick to Soho for the pin and win.

Match 3: The Kingdom defeats Local Talent via pinfall
This one was a pretty quick, dominant win. The Kingdom won handily with a big The Neck Check finisher. After the match, Roddy stood up and jumped out of his wheelchair and began attacking one of the local talent, before clutching at his neck and rolling back into the chair.

Backstage segment: Daniel Garcia
Garcia said he wants a match against Andrade. However, Ruby Soho and Saraya quickly interrupted him, and deduced that it might have been Angelo Parker who sent Soho the flowers, to which Soho seemed happy about, much to Daddy Magic’s chagrin.

Match 4: FTR defeats El Hijo del Vikingo & Komander via pinfall
In the closing match of the night, FTR came away with a big win. Toward the end of the match, Dax hit a big slingshot powerbomb on Vikingo, and then Komander came running in to try and end it with quick roll up, but Dax kicked out. Komander then tried to hit a shooting star press by walking the ropes, but wasn’t able to land. He then turned around and was met with the Big Rig finisher from FTR for the pin and win.
The match ended and FTR began celebrating, only for the lights to go out and House of Black to appear on the screen, ending the show in a mysterious fashion.

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