Impact Wrestling 16th of November 2023

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Welcome to JJA Sport Studio’s coverage of IMPACT Wrestling!

Kenny King is receiving a tag team title shot in exchange for the Digital Media title rematch he was owed. As per Fightful, this is King’s last IMPACT match.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: ABC (c) vs. Kenny King & Sheldon Jean
Ace and King start things off with a lock up. King slowly works the left hand over until he takes control for a beat. Ace reverses into a headlock takedown and arm drags. Bey gets the tag and they briefly double team Jean before shifting back to offense on King. While the ref is focused on checking on King, Jean takes Bey and drives him into the ring post. Jean sends Bey back inside as King unloads with punches. Jean gets the tag and continues the attack. 
Ace comes in to break things up. He kicks Jean on the apron and evades King before landing a superkick for a two-count. They go for 1, 2, Sweet but Jean pulls Ace out. King hits Bey with Tiger Driver and covers him. King and Jean double team Bey as King lands a Blockbuster and Jean hits a neckbreaker. Jean covers for 2. Ace returns to the ring, allowing Bey to finally hit 1, Ace hits 2, and Bey covers Jean to retain. 
Winners: ABC (c)

We see a new vignette from MK Ultra as they aim to reshape “your reality.”

Moose vs. Heath
Moose shoves Heath’s face a couple times before Heath throws hands. Moose shoulder blocks him. Heath does a hip toss and Moose rolls out to recover. Back inside, Moose ends up tossing Heath out of the ring and he lands on his arm. Myers gets in a cheap shot with Moose’s briefcase. Heath returns to the ring only for Moose to continue working him down. Heath finally fires up and lands a missile dropkick followed by a crossbody out of the ring.
Heath hits a couple high knees to knock Moose off his feet. Heath then hits a big powerslam, cover. Myers gets up on the apron and Heath knocks him off. Moose hits a urinagi. Myers slides the case in the ring and the ref sends it out. Heath tries for Wake Up Call, but Myers holds Moose in place. Moose hits a spear for the win.
Winner: Moose
Moose and Myers beat down on Heath after until Rhino runs in and clotheslines them. Rhino hits Myers with Gore as Moose retreats up the ramp with his case in hand.

Backstage, Moose cuts a promo on Rhino getting in his business. Moose then challenges him to a match at Final Resolution.

Konnan joins commentary for the next bout.
Lucha Rules: The Rascalz vs. Laredo Kid, Black Taurus & Juventud Guerrera
Trey and Laredo start the bout but it isn’t long before Myron replaces Trey. Juve takes Myron out and then Wentz gets his moment before Taurus sends him to the floor. Trey takes Taurus down on the floor. Wentz and Trey double team Kid with a dropkick, Wentz covers. Wentz then holds Kid in the ropes before Trey takes over behind the ref’s back. Trey then grounds Kid with a headlock. Taurus then runs Trey over and launches Juve into Trey with a dropkick.
After the break, Juve hits an assisted spinning neck breaker, Kid covers. Rascalz turn things around with a triple team on Kid and Wentz goes for the cover. Trey pulls at Kid’s mask in the corner. They go up top where Kid manages to land a sunset bomb. Juve flies in with a double crossbody on Wentz and Reed. He hits a 2 for 1 DDT and face plant. Trey tries to roll him up but ends up getting clotheslined inside out. Kid gets the tag again but Wentz kicks him. Kid comes back with a neckbreaker and then Taurus hits a pop up Samoan Drop.
Juve goes up top but Rascalz break everything down and Juve gets shoved out onto Taurus. Trey and Reed help Wentz with a superkick and double stomp. Triple team move and Reed covers but Taurus breaks it. Reed takes Taurus out of the ring with a flying cutter to the floor. Wentz lands his own cutter on Kid. Juve plants Wentz with a DDT but Reed kicks Juve. Reed hits a lungblower on Juve and cutter on Taurus. Reed leaps off the ropes but Taurus spears him. Taurus hits Reed with Destination Hellhole for the win.
Winners: Laredo Kid, Black Taurus & Juventud Guerrera

Steve Maclin & KiLynn King vs. Bully Ray & Jordynne Grace
Maclin and Bully start with a long lock up. Bully goes for the headlock and knocks Maclin down with a shoulder block. Maclin tags King in and she throws forearms in the corner. Bully shoves her, which fires King up. Bully knocks her down with an elbow and then tags Grace who throws her own forearms at first. Grace hops over King a couple of times and knocks her down with a shoulder tackle. King blocks the suplex and clocks Grace in the head with a kick. King slams Grace into the corner.
Grace escapes and tags Bully. He strikes her and goes up top but Maclin cuts him off. King is able to toss Bully back to the mat, cover for 1. Maclin gets tagged and he continues the offense. King and Grace gets tags again and they trade strikes. Grace does running knees and then a running elbow in the corner. Vader Bomb lands, Maclin breaks the cover. King pumpkicks Maclin when Grace ducks. Bully sends Maclin to the floor. Grace plants King with Juggernaut Driver for the win.
Winner: Jordynne Grace & Bully Ray

Bully has the Call Your Shot trophy in hand and tells Grace to take it if she wants it. She wrestles it from him and they have a heated face to face. Bully offers his hand and Grace shakes. Bully then raises her arm before leaving.

Sonny Kiss vs. Trinity
Lock up and Kiss rolls Trin. Trinity twists the arm but Kiss flips around to get out only for Trinity to kick her in the face. Kiss escapes a cover, shimmies, and then hits a hurricanrana before they both kick up into a stalemate. Trin and Sonny both do Trin’s dance for a moment. Kiss gyrates on Trinity’s face in the corner and then blows a kiss in her face. Trinity goes for the headscissors but eventually is able to gyrate on Sonny’s face. Trinity leaps off the top with a crossbody, cover.
Sonny spins Trinity around several times before planting her on her face, cover. Sonny places Trinity upside down in the corner and kicks her. Sonny then does a handspring back elbow across the ring, cover. Kiss goes for a clothesline but eats a springboard kick off the ropes. Trinity does the splits into the cover. Trinity sends Kiss into the middle turnbuckle and hits the split leg moonsault. Kiss props Trin on the second rope and does a step over handspring boot to the gut, cover. Trinity plants Kiss into the mat. She does a takedown and hits the sit out bomb into the cover for the win.
Winner: Trinity

Backstage, Motor City Machine Guns send a message to Josh Alexander for Final Resolution.

Josh Alexander vs. Will Ospreay
Josh takes Will down at first but then they both stay on their feet during attempted shoulder tackles. Josh finally knocks Ospreay off and catches him for a second. Ospreay back elbows and runs the ropes for a hurricanrana. After the break, Ospreay throws Josh into the turnbuckle for a chop. Josh knocks Will off his feet and remains confident. They trade blows before Josh goes for the ankle lock and then steps through with the Sharpshooter. Will gets the bottom rope. 
Josh delivers chest chops but Will lands a big one to knock him down. Will runs to the ropes but Josh catches him in waist lock. Running shooting star press from Ospreay, cover. Josh tries for a German but Will lands on his feet. Josh catches Ospreay mid-hurricanrana and then slams him on his knee for the backbreaker, cover. Josh does a running crossbody to knock each other to the floor. Back inside, Will throws rights but gets hit with a northern lights suplex. Josh tries picking him apart with a boot and then a headlock.
Ospreay bites his way out but then gets chopped in the corner. Ospreay bounces off the ropes with a handspring kick. Will hits a flying forearm off the ropes, cover. Will chops Josh in the corner and Josh asks for more. They come face to face and Ospreay lays it in. Will springs off the ropes again but Josh caches him and does a standing blue thunder spin out. Josh does an avalanche rolling senton but Ospreay follows it with Tiger Driver. TNA chants break out. Ospreay kicks Josh’s face in the corner and his mouthpiece falls out.
Will goes up top but is tripped. Will headbutts Josh to the mat and then goes for the twisting moonsault. His knee tweaks landing on the mat and Josh goes for the ankle lock. Will has trouble in the ropes and can’t get Os Cutter. Josh applies ankle lock again. Instead of tapping, Will leaps to the rope. Ospreay hits Stun Dog Millionaire and Os Cutter, but Josh kicks out. Will goes for Hidden Blade but his knee gives out. Josh headbutts him on the mat and Will returns it. They trade more headbutts and then strikes. 
Josh hits Chaos Theory, kickout. Josh stomps on the ankle and applies the ankle lock again. Josh boots his face but Will comes back with a Spanish Fly, nearfall. Josh pulls out a piledriver, nearfall again. Ospreay hits Hidden Blade, not enough. Storm Driver 93 lands, Josh kicks out. Another Hidden Blade to the back of the head followed by Storm Breaker finally does it.
Winner: Will Ospreay

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