WWE SmackDown 17th of November 2023

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WWE SmackDown Results, November 17 2023, report by Jason Gordon for jjasportstudio.com.

In-Ring Segment: Damage CTRL (Asuka, Bayley, Kairi Sane, Dakota Kai, and WWE Women’s Champion Iyo Sky)
Bayley welcomes the crowd to SmackDown. Bayley gloats about her plan to bring Asuka into Damage CTRL was brilliant. Asuka and the rest of the team look pretty confused. Bayley puts over the group, they are playing chess while everyone else is playing Candyland. Asuka says something in Japanese. Everyone laughs. Bayley asks what is so funny. Kai says they were just saying that one person in this ring isn’t in Damage CTRL. Bayley looks worried. Kai adds they haven’t properly inducted Asuka yet.
Bayley drops to a knee and offers Asuka a Damage CTRL shirt. Asuka accepts, and they all hug. Kai announces Sky wants to challenge Bianca Belair and Co to a WarGames match. Shotzi’s music hits. The TCB Tank rolls out on the stage, but no one is in it. Shotzi hops the barricade and lands a crossbody. Bianca Belair and Charlotte Flair run down to the ring. Damage CTRL clears the ring.

Number One Contender’s Match: The Street Profits vs. Pretty Deadly vs. The Brawling Brutes
Ford and Dawkins beat down Prince and Butch. Prince and Wilson take control after a double team on Ford and Butch. Holland hits the ring and fires up. Holland clears the ring. The Profits break up the Brutes’ ten beats attempt and get pounded instead. Wilson and Prince sent Holland into the ring steps. Bobby Lashley is watching the match from backstage. B-Fab walks in and wants to speak to Lashley. Back in the ring, Butch accidentally Brogue Kicks Holland. The Street Profits hit the Revelation on Holland for the win.
Winners- The Street Profits

Backstage, Bianca Belair is talking to Mia Yim, presumably asking her to join her WarGames team.

After the break, Damage CTRL attacks Mia Yim backstage.

Dragon Lee vs. Axiom
Axiom and Lee trade pin attempts and submission hold. Axiom tries a leapfrog, but Lee dropkicks him out of the air. Tope by Lee. Slingshot kick by Lee. After the break, Axiom lands a triangle moonsault. Lee lands a superkick followed by a tree of woe double stomp for a near fall. Axiom lands a nasty PK. Lee reverses Axiom’s suplex with a brainbuster. Axiom counters a powerbomb into a snap Canadian destroyer. Lee kicks out. Axiom lands an avalanche Spanish fly for a near fall. Lee hits a powerbomb followed by the Destino for the win.
Winner- Dragon Lee

In-Ring Segment: Santos Escobar
Escobar says never meet your heroes. They will always disappoint you, like Rey Mysterio disappointed him. Escobar complains about deserving to be the United States Champion. The crowd boos Escobar out of the building when he exclaims, “Dominik was right.” Escobar says he wishes Mysterio’s leg gets infected and it has to be cut off. As Escobar is ranting about wanting Mysterio to die, the rest of The LWO are watching from a monitor backstage.
Zelina Vega has heard enough. Vega power walks to the ring. Vega and Escobar argue. Escobar tells Vega they are done. Vega slaps Escobar and walks away. Wilde and Del Toro walk to the ring and please with Escobar. Escobar says if they aren’t with him, they are against him. Escobar tells both men to leave. Wilde and Del Toro try to leave, but Escobar attacks them from behind. Carlito makes the save.

Cameron Grimes vs. Grayson Waller
Austin Theory is on commentary. Grimes is all over Waller. Grimes calls for the Cave In, but Waller rolls out of the ring. Theory checks on Waller. Waller avoids a PK, but Theory eats it. Waller hits the Dingo Driver for the win.
Winner- Grayson Waller

Backstage, Bianca Belair is talking to Zelina Vega, presumably asking her to join her WarGames team.

After the break, Damage CTRL attacks Zelina Vega backstage.

In-Ring Segment: Paul Heyman, Solo Sikoa, Jimmy Uso
Heyman announces Sikoa as the winner of the match at Crown Jewel. Heyman says they have a surprise. The 16-time Champion John Cena, is here! Cena doesn’t come to the ring. Heyman says Cena isn’t here bc Sikoa ended him. We will never see John Cena in a WWE ring ever again. LA Knight interrupts. Knight says the only reason Roman Reigns is still champion today is because of The Bloodline. Knight promises to end The Bloodline. He’s going to take out every member of The Bloodline until it’s just Knight and Reigns. Knight promises to stomp Jimmy Uso out tonight, Yeah.

LA Knight vs. Jimmy Uso
As the match starts, Heyman leads Sikoa away after receiving a phone call. In the ring, Knight is all over Jimmy, landing strike after strike. Jimmy surprises Knight with a Samoan drop. The fight spills out of the ring. Knight slams Jimmy’s head into the commentary desk as the crowd chants, “Yeah!” Knight tosses Jimmy over the commentary desk. After the break, Jimmy is working over Knight. Knight fires up and lands a flapjack. Jimmy kicks out. Jimmy and Knight trade counters. Knight hits the BFT for the win.
Winner- LA Knight
After the match, Solo Sikoa comes back to the ring. Jimmy attacks Knight from behind. Sikoa drops Knight with a Samoan Spike. Sikoa puts Knight on the commentary desk. Cody Rhodes’ music hits. Rhodes runs down to the ring and makes the save. Rhodes and Knight stand tall in the ring as Sikoa and Jimmy slink away.

In-Ring Segment: Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair, and Shotzi
Flair says they are running out of time, so they accept Damage CTRL’s challenge. Flair says if they are going to war, there is only one person she wants on her side. Damage CTRL interrupts. Bayley says Flair is bluffing. Bayley says Flair in Co aren’t going to make it out of the building, let alone WarGames. Damage CTRL surrounds the ring. Becky Lynch hops the barricade and joins Flair, Belair, and Shotzi in the ring. Everyone brawls. Sky and Flair both land moonsaults to the outside area simultaneously.

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