AEW Full Gear 2023

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Welcome to JJA Sport Studio’s coverage of AEW Full Gear!

Zero Hour – ROH World Championship: Eddie Kingston (c) def. Jay Lethal via pinfall to retain.
Stokely Hathaway was on commentary. Naturally, Jeff Jarrett and company attempted to interfere at ringside. Lethal attempted to use Jarrett’s guitar against Kingston but Ortiz proved to be the equalizer by using the guitar against Sonjay Dutt. Kingston then hit Lethal with the half and half suplex followed by a spinning backfist to score the three-count.

Zero Hour: Claudio Castagnoli def. Buddy Matthews via submission with the Sharpshooter.
Matthews attempted to crawl out of it but Castagnoli pulled him back in for the tap-out. After, they came face to face as Matthews opted to brush past Castagnoli’s shoulder instead of shaking his hand.

Zero Hour – ROH World Tag Team Championship: MJF & Samoa Joe (c) def. The Gunns via submission.
The Gunns had MJF double-teamed when Adam Cole’s theme song hit and came walking out on crutches. This allowed Joe to grab Colten for the clutch and the tapout victory.
MJF hugged Cole and then came face-to-face with Joe before shaking his hand to make good on their deal that Joe will get a title shot if MJF retains tonight. After Joe left, The Gunns beat MJF down and used a chair against his ankle while Cole was forced to watch. Officials stretchered MJF into an ambulance as Cole promised MJF that he wouldn’t let them take his world title.

The main card opens with a trios bout as a youth choir opens Christian Cage’s theme song.
Adam Copeland, Sting & Darby Allin (w/Ric Flair) def. Christian Cage, Luchasaurus & Nick Wayne via pinfall.
In the closing moments, Flair chopped Cage before Cage thumbed him in the eye and hit a low blow. Cage then tried using his title in the ring but was chased off by Copeland. Allin landed the Coffin Drop on Luchasaurus, allowing for Copeland to score the pinfall win. This was Sting’s last match in California and he embraced his son at ringside after.

Tony Schiavone and Bryce Remsburg come out to the stage and attempt to announce Jay White as the new AEW World Champion when Adam Cole interrupts. Cole announces that if MJF can’t compete, then he’ll fight White tonight with one leg for the title. White tried to get in Cole’s head about the injuries but the main event remains uncertain.

AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy (c) def. Jon Moxley via pinfall to retain.
HOOK and Wheeler Yuta were at ringside with their respective friends. Naturally, Moxley spent the majority of the bout busted open from the forehead as the bout also spilled outside and around the announce desk. The closing moments saw Cassidy hit a series of Orange Punches but Moxley would not stay down. After another round of punches and Beach Break, Cassidy scored the three-count.

Mark Briscoe has been announced as the latest entrant in the Continental Classic.

AEW Women’s World Championship: Toni Storm def. Hikaru Shida (c) via pinfall to win the title for a third time.
Storm rips up her script to start. Shida chops Storm where Sakura bruised her the night before on Rampage as Mariah May is shown watching backstage. Storm makes her comeback and nearly puts it away by using a heel between the eyes of the champ. Shida then pulls out her own Storm Zero and eventually Falcon Arrow. Storm traps Shida in an ankle lock before trying to use the heel again. Shida goes to whack Storm with the kendo but Luther grabs it. Shida unloads with strikes on Luther while Storm rolls back in and sneaks a small metal tray in her tights. Storm does her close up and hits Shida with the hip attack (and the plate). Storm pins Shida to regain the gold.
Mariah May brings out flowers for Storm’s celebration.

Renee Paquette interviews Eddie Kingston about the Continental Classic. Kingston announces he’s going to defend both the ROH World and NJPW STRONG Openweight titles in every match of the tournament he competes in. The tournament starts on Dynamite.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Ladder Match: Ricky Starks & Big Bill (c) def. FTR vs. LFI vs. Kings of the Black Throne to retain.
RUSH and Wheeler attempt to scale the ladder early on but opt to put the ladder aside in favor of throwing hands. Harwood manages to suplex Starks from the top rope onto the field of competitors on the floor. “Meat” chants break out when Bill and Brody slug it out in the center. Starks’ chest is busted open from chops and all eight men scales ladders in pursuit of the gold. Brody dumps Dax and RUSH off one ladder before back dropping Cash. Dralistico hits a poisonrana on Malakai on a ladder. Brody grabs Dralisitico for a wicked piledriver on a draping ladder at ringside and they crash to the floor. Wheeler crossbodies onto King who’s on a ladder. Dax and Starks climb back up. Starks uses a title against Cash’s head to knock him down before unhooking it to retain.

AEW TBS Championship: Julia Hart def. Skye Blue & Kris Statlander (c) via pinfall to win her first title.
Hart and Blue avoid wrestling each other and instead focus on working the champ. They all spill outside where Statlander manages a double suplex. Back inside, Hart and Blue shake hands before Hart unloads with strikes. Statlander plants Hart for a nearfall before Blue tries a hurricanrana. Kris catches her and drops Blue on her face. Hart lands a moonsault press on Blue but Statlander pulls her out to break the cover. Hart is powerslammed outside. Statlander catches Blue’s crossbody and tries for SNF but she escapes. Skye pulls out Code Blue for a nearfall. Hart locks Blue in Hartless but Statlander throws them both around with deadlift Germans. Kris plants Blue with Saturday Night Fever, but Hart clotheslines Statlander and pins Blue to steal it.

Tony Schiavone introduces Will Ospreay as the latest signing to AEW. He gets a big pop from Los Angeles. Ospreay announces he has to finish up his NJPW run but will return for the road to Revolution and looks forward to Wembley Stadium 2024.

Texas Deathmatch: Swerve Strickland def. Hangman Page via count-out.
Page skips his own entrance and attacks Strickland once he’s in the ring. Page ties Swerve’s hands together and then staples Swerve’s head. Page ends up having Swerve’s blood drip in his mouth. Page grabs a chair but Swerve low blows him before Prince Nana breaks the bond. Page staples Swerve’s chest until Swerve stapes Page between the eyes. Page eventually takes barbed wire and wraps it around Swerve’s body. Page hits his signature moonsault with a wire wrapped chair in hand. Back inside, Page hits Swerve with a piledriver on the wire wrapped chair. Swerve barely beats the count up and manages to hit Page in the back with the chair. Swerve slams Page onto the chair and hits a double stomp. Swerve pours glass shards onto Page’s back and lands a 450 splash. Swerve drops Page with the JML Driver but Page gets up before 10. Nana helps pull out a plywood with wire. Hangman manages to backflip with Swerve into the wire and then drops him with Dead Eye. Page wraps wire around Swerve’s face for Buckshot Lariat. Nana pulls Swerve out and Brian Cage lays out Page. Page gets to his feet and wraps wire around Cage’s neck for a lariat. Nana strikes Page with a chair but Page puts him through a table with Dead Eye. Swerve strikes Page with a cinder block and then chokes him out with a chain on the ring post. Page does not get up and Swerve wins.

Golden Jets (Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega) def. The Young Bucks via pinfall to earn a future AEW World Tag Team title shot.
Don Callis joins commentary. Jericho’s left arm gets cut open early on and the Bucks take turns targeting it. Omega returns off the tag and has to balance working both Jackson brothers. Jericho accidentally clotheslines Omega when one of the Bucks duck. Jericho manages to lock Matt in the Walls as Omega stops Nick from breaking it. Matt escapes and hits double Northern Lights on Golden Jets. Nick throws Omega with a German on the apron. Jericho barely kicks out of an assisted senton. Matt low-blows Omega behind the ref’s back. Nick hits Jericho with Judas Effect, Omega breaks. BTE Trigger on Jericho, kickout. Jericho throws superkicks around and low blows Nick when Aubrey is turned out. Omega teases hitting Jericho with the knee but chooses Nick. Matt hits One Winged Angel on Omega, nearfall. Superkick party goes around, a Judas Effect in between. Ripcord knee on Matt followed by One Winged Angel and Omega pins for the win.
Young Bucks throw a fit after the match by ripping off their tape and boots before slamming a chair against the ring apron.

AEW World Championship: MJF (c) def. Jay White via pinfall to retain.
Adam Cole is in the ring on one foot ready to compete when we see MJF drive the ambulance back into the arena. Officials try stopping him from hobbling to the ring but he’s determined. MJF starts it but White immediately targets the knee. The Gunns interfere but Bryce Remsburg throws them out. White continues his attack until MJF turns things around on the outside. White is placed on the announced desk, but it collapses. MJF hits a flying elbow drop anyone to the floor. Back inside, White throws MJF to the mat with a urinagi from the top rope. They trade roll ups before MJF hits a piledriver. MJF shocks everyone with a flying cutter that sends White to the floor. White traps MJF in a figure four and beats on the leg while Cole contemplates throwing in the towel. MJF almost reaches the rope but White pulls him back to the center where MJF reverses the pressure. White reaches the rope but Cole goes to use his ROH title. White yanks it away and strikes MJF while the ref is down. White nearly wins. The ref gets knocked down and Cole tries giving Max the diamond ring. White ends up grabbing it and MJF does a big low blow. The Gunns run in but get hit with the ring. White eats a punch and the ref comes to. Max lays on Jay and the ref counts three.
MJF and Cole celebrate together without shenanigans as the pay-per-view goes off the air. MJF now makes it one full calendar year as champion.


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