WWE NXT Vengeance Day 2024 results

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WWE NXT Vengeance Day results, February 4 2024, report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals: Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams vs. Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin
Breakker runs over Hayes. Williams tags in. Breaker runs over Williams. Breakker brings Williams to his corner and tags in Corbin. Williams lands dropkicks on both men. Hayes hits the ring and a four way brawl breaks out. Hayes and Williams hold the ring. As things settle down, Williams catches Corbin with a neck breaker. Corbin clotheslines Williams. Hayes gets the tag and lands a flurry of strikes to Corbin. Hayes boots Breakker in the face and hits the fadeaway on Corbin. Breakker tries to interfere and eats a pop-up upper cut. Corbin DVDs Williams. Hayes lands a springboard lariat to Corbin.
Breakker grabs Hayes and hits a back suplex into a cutter. Corbin and Breakker work over Hayes. Hayes manages to tag in Williams. Williams clears the ring, but tweaks his knee in the process. Hayes counters Breakker’s Spear with the first 48. Breakker kicks out. Breakker suplexes Williams and Hayes at the same time. Hayes and Williams both roll out of the ring. Breakker launches Corbin over the top onto Williams and Hayes. Back in the ring, Corbin tries to pin Williams.
Hayes breaks it up, but ends up hitting Williams in the process. Williams is bleeding from his mouth. Breakker dives off the top and lands on Hayes and Williams out on the floor. Breakker and Corbin both set up superplexes. Willliams and Hayes both escape. Hayes pushes Williams out of the way of a Spear and gets Speared in the process. Williams falls out of the ring. Breakker pins Hayes.
Winners- Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin

No Disqualification Match: Dijak vs. Joe Gacy
As soon as the bell rings, Dijak pulls out a nightstick. Gacy has a baton. Dijak wins the exchange and wacks Gacy with the weapon. Suplex by Dijak. Gacy smiles and immediately gets back to his feet. Dijak tries to send Gacy out of the ring, but Gacy counters and sends Dijak flying. Sucicide dive by Gacy. Gacy tosses a bunch of weapons into the ring. Gacy sits Dijak in a chair and hits a diving cannonball off the ring steps. Dijak gets to his feet and gets sent into the ringsteps. Gacy sets up a table and empties a bunch of toys (army men, legos, toy cars) on the table. Dijak boots Gacy in the face. Dijak only gets a two count.
Both men trade big shots. Dijak tries to go up top, but Gacy pushes him off. Dijak goes crashing through the table with the toys on it. Gacy brings Dijak back in the ring. Dijak surprises Gacy with High Justice on a chair. Gacy kicks out. Dijak goes up top. Gacy cuts him off and hits a German suplex off the top. Dijak kicks out. Gacy wraps duct tape around Dijak’s eyes and beats him down with kendo sticks.
A blinded Dijak avoids the Upside Down, and somehow hits Feast Your Eyes. Dijak tries to pin Gacy, but he can’t see. The referee helps Dijak get the tape off of his eyes. When Dijak turns around Gacy is hanging upside down in the corner. Gacy DDTs Dijak on a chair. Splash off the top by Gacy. Dijak kicks out. Gacy tries the Upside Down again, Dijak sidesteps and hits Gacy in the gut with the nightstick. Dijak hits Feast your Eyes again for the win.
Winner- Dijak
After the match, Dijak stares at a knocked out Gacy, who has a sick smile on his face.

Mixed Tag Match: OTM and Jaida Parker w/Scypts vs. Tony D’Angelo, Stacks, and Adrianna Rizzo
The Family attack OTM and Parker from behind. The men fight outside the ring. Parker chops the soul out Rizzo in the corner. Springboard butt-butt by Parker. Parker celebrates. Rizzo surprises PArker with a Thez Press. Nima tags in and gets double teamed by D’Angelo and Stacks. Rizzo and D’Angelo both land cannonballs. Scypts tries to get involved. Stacks grabs Scrypts by the throat. Parker surprises Stacks with a running hip attack that knocks him off the apron. OTM take turns working over Stacks. Stack manages to tag in D’Angelo. D’Angelo clears the ring. Rizzo lands a dive on everyone outside the ring. Scyrpts dives off the steps and eats a right hand from D’Angelo. D’Angelo hits Forgetaboutit on Nima for the win.
Winners- Tony D’Angelo, Stacks, and Adriana Rizzo

NXT Women’s Championship Match: Lyra Valkyria (c) vs. Roxanne Perez
Perez and Valkyria trade pin attempts and submission holds. Neither woman can get the advantage. Valkyria works an armbar. Perez tries a springboard ar drag to break the hold, but Valkyria holds on. Perez is finally able to counter with a head scissor. Valkyria reverses that into a head scissor of her own. Perez locks Valkyria in a side headlock. Double rotation head scissors by Perez. Valkyria rolls out of the ring. Perez tries a dive, but Valkyria cuts her off with an elbow strike. Diving dropkick by Valkyria. Perez and Valkyria trade strikes. Russian leg sweep by Perez.
Double jump springboard moonsault by Perez. Valkyria kicks out. Perez runs into a boot by Valkyria. Fisherman’s buster by Valkyria. Perez kicks out. Valkyria counters a kick from Perez with a leg trap German suplex. Perez rolls out to the apron. Valkyria tries to set up a suplex. Perez counters with a rana off the top. Perez hits Pop Rocks. As Perez is about to pin Valkyria, Lola Vice runs down to the ring with a referee and her contract for a title match. Tatum Paxley tries to stop her, but Vice boots her in the face. Vice officially executes her contract.

NXT Women’s Championship Match: Lyra Valkyria (c) vs. Roxanne Perez vs. Lola Vice
Vice kicks Valkyria in the head. Perez and Vice trade pin attempts. Vice escapes Pop Rocks and locks in a rear naked choke. Perez turns it into a pin. Vice kicks out. Vice locks Perez in a triangle. Valkyria breaks it up with a splash off the top. Perez breaks up the pin. Everyone trades strikes. Vice hip attacks Perez and Valkyria. Perez hits a DDT/Russian leg sweep combo on Valkyria and Vice. Perez lands dives to both women.
Valkyria rolls through on a cross body and hits Night Wish on Perez. Vice breaks up the pin and tries to steal it. Valkyria breaks up Vice’s pin. Vice destroys Valkyria with a spinning backfist. Everyone trades pins. Perez hits Pop Rocks on Valkyria. Paxley charges in and breaks up the pin. Valkyria hits Night Wish on Vice for the win.
Winner and STILL NXT Women’s Champion, Lyra Valkyria

Backstage, Riley Osborn asks Thea Hail to be his Valentine.

NXT North American Championship Match: Oba Femi (C) vs. Dragon Lee
As soon as the bell rings, Lee dropkicks Femi. Femi falls through the ropes. Lee tries a moonsault, but Femi pulls him off the apron. Lee dives off the top and gets caught by Femi. Femi sets up a lawn dart. Lee escapes Femi’s slam and lands a double stop to the side of Femi’s face. Femi counters a hip toss from Lee with a slam. Suplex by Femi. Lee kicks out. Femi tosses Lee all over the ring. Lee tries a head scissors, but Femi almost turns it into a DVD. Lee counters with an octopus hold. Femi bites the top rope to break the hold. Lee lands a flurry of superkicks.
Satellite DDT by Lee. Running knee by Lee. Femi kicks out. Lee hits several dropkicks in the corner for a nearfall. Lee hits a running powerbomb out of the corner. Femi kicks out. Femi ends up on the apron. Lee tries a diving rana, but Femi blocks it. Lee knocks Femi off the apron. Femi lands on his feet. Lee runs right into a chop from Femi. Femi clears the commentary desk. Lee hits a DDT. Femi responds with a chokeslam. Atomic Bomb by Femi. Femi hits a pop up powerbomb for the win.
Winner and STILL North American Champion, Oba Femi!

Backstage, Roxanne Perez attacks Lola Vice.

NXT Championship Match: Ilja Dragunov (c) vs. Trick Williams w/Carmelo Hayes
Dragunov tries a running boot as soon as the bell rings. Williams avoids it and lands a slam. Williams misses a dropkick. Waistlock by Dragunov. Williams breaks it and hits a dropkick. Constintine Special by Dragunov. Dragunov’s nose is busted. Machine gun chops by Dragunov. Dragunov works over Williams. Williams’ lip is busted again. Everyone is bleeding. Dragunov continues his assault, blasting Williams with several German suplexes. Williams breaks the hold, but ends up eating a nasty running boot from Dragunov. Hayes shouts words of encouragement as Williams as he tries to get to his feet out on the floor.
Dragunov German suplexes Williams in front of Hayes. Dragunov stares a hole through Hayes as he DVDs Williams on the apron. Hayes helps Williams up and bigs him up. Williams fires up and rolls back in the ring, only to be met by a missile dropkick from Dragunov. Dragunov mocks Williams. Williams slaps Dragunov in the face. Dragunov and Williams trade strikes. Dragunov counters a spin kick with a powerbomb. Williams is out. Dragunov calls for the H-Bomb. Williams counters with a boot.
Williams hits the first 48 on Dragunov! Dragunov and Williams trade strikes again. Williams wins the exchange with a few Harlem side kicks. Flapjack by Williams. Dragunov counters the rolling Book End. After another strike exchange, Williams takes Dragunov down with a leaping clothesline. The fight spills out of the ring in front of Hayes. Dragunov sets up another apron DVD. Williams reverses it into a Book End off the apron. Hayes gets in Dragunov’s face. Dragunov pushes Hayes. Hayes swings at Dragunov, but Dragunov ducks and pushes Hayes. Hayes falls into William’s previously injured knee. Dragunov drags Williams back into the ring. Williams hits the H-Bomb on Dragunov. Dragunov kicks out.
Williams calls for his finish, but his knee gives out. Powerbomb by Dragunov. Dragunov hits the H-Bomb. Instead of going for the pin, Dragunov hits another H-Bomb off the second rope. Williams kicks out! Willams lands a cyclone boot. Dragunov kicks out. Hayes gets on the apron. Dragunov pushes Williams into the referee and Hayes. Williams hits the Trick Knee, but the referee is down. A new referee runs down to the ring to make the count. Dragunov kicks out. Dragunov hits another H-Bomb. Williams gets his knee up as Dragunov tries another second rope H-Bomb. Williams goes to one corner while Dragunov is in the other. Both men hit their finishes at the same time. Dragunov manages to drape his arm on Williams for the win.
Winner and STILL NXT North American Champion, Ilja Dragunov!
After the match, Hayes helps Williams up. Hayes chop blocks Williams. The crowd boos… loudly. Hayes hits Williams in the knee with a chair repeatedly.

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