WWE Raw 26th of February 2024

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WWE Raw results, February 26, 2024, report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

Dominik Mysterio is in the ring after a package recapping what transpired at WWE Elimination Chamber plays. Mysterio introduces “the greatest Women’s Champion of all time,” Rhea Ripley!

In-Ring Segment: Rhea Ripley
Mysterio holds the ropes open for Ripley. Ripley welcomes the crowd to “Monday Night Mami!” the crowd breaks into a “Mami” chant. Ripley notes she walked into her home country as the champion and left the champion. Becky Lynch’s music hits. Lynch makes her way to the ring. Lynch congratulates Ripley. They both had great nights last Saturday. Lynch won the Chamber, and Ripley successfully defended her title in front of all her friends and family. What a moment they got to share. Lynch quips that Ripley’s family won’t have to fly halfway across the world to watch her lose at WrestleMania. Mysterio bows up at Lynch. Lynch tells him to stay in his place.
Lynch says she can do it all, including beating Rhea, Bloody, Ripley. Ripley tells Lynch not to disrespect her Latino Heat. Ripley says the Man always thinks they’re the backbone of everything. Behind every great man is a greater woman. But in this case, Ripley isn’t standing behind Lynch. Mami is always on top. As Ripley and Mysterio leave, Nia Jax attacks Lynch from behind. After multiple leg drops, Jax sets up the Annihilator. Raw GM Adam Pearce and a bunch of referees rush the ring. Pearce tells Jax she’s going to be fined if she continues. The referees pull Lynch away.

Backstage, Jackie finds Nia Jax. Jax says she doesn’t care if Becky Lynch won the Elimination Chamber. Jax beat Lynch clean. There is no way Lynch is making it to WrestleMania. What happened to Lynch tonight, Liv Morgan is going to get tenfold tonight when she faces Jax.

Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
Zayn and Nakamura trade shots. Zayn is sent out of the ring. Nakamura whips Zayn into the barricade. Zayn leaps on the barricade and lands a moonsault. After the break, Nakamura works over Zayn. Zayn slingshot leapfrog over Nakamura. Michinoku Driver by Zayn. Nakamura kicks out. Tornado DDT by Zayn. Nakamura rolls out of the ring. Zayn sets up a dive but is quickly cut off by a kitchen sink by Nakamura. Zayn rolls out on the apron. Nakamura drops Zayn with a gourd buster.
After the break, Nakamura kicks out of a Blue Thunder Bomb. Nakamura counters the Helluva Kick with a knee strike. Diving knee strike by Nakamura. Zayn kicks out. The fight spills out of the ring. Nakamura lays Zayn on the barricade. Diving knee by Nakamura. Zayn rolls back into the ring at nine to break the count. Kinshasa by Nakamura. Zayn gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the count. Zayn avoids the Kinshasa and sends Nakamura into the corner. Helluva Kick to the back of Nakamura’s head by Zayn. Zayn lands another Helluva Kick for the win.
Winner- Sami Zayn

In-Ring Segment: Chelsea Green
Green says she is competing in protest. Last week, she would have won the last-chance battle royal if Adam Pearce hadn’t added Raquel Rodriguez. Rodriguez robbed Green of her chance just to go to Perth and lose. Green is interrupted by Rodriguez’s music.

Chelsea Green vs. Raquel Rodriguez
Green draws a fake line in the sand for Rodriguez to cross. Rodriguez does. Green slaps Rodriguez. Rodriguez obliterates Green with a lariat. Fallaway slam by Rodriguez. Green gets to her feet to eat another fallaway slam. Rodriguez hits her powerbomb finish for the win.
Winner- Raquel Rodriguez

Backstage, Zayn says his win tonight reaffirmed everything that he said last week. Zayn will become a champion. Before Zayn can finish his thought, IMPERIUM walks by him. Gunther laughs in Zayn’s face and walks away.

In-Ring Segment: IMPERIUM
Gunther gloats about defeating Jey Uso last week. Gunther is still the greatest and longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time. The crowd boos. Gunther says he has to admit Jey got close. Gunther could feel the title slipping away, but it didn’t matter. No one is perfect, but Gunther is close. Gunther has put his heart, soul, and body into making this title the most prestigious in this company. He has defeated everyone put in his path. Who will Gunther face at WrestleMania?
Gunther names a bunch of potential challengers and laughs them all off. The Judgement Day interrupts. Priest says they ran the table at Elimination Chamber and plan on doing the same at WrestleMania. The Judgement Day plans on adding more gold, meaning the IC title. Gunther laughs and says Priest obviously isn’t cashing in the MITB on him, so who is the challenger? Dominik steps in front of Priest and gets drowned out in boos. Gunther pushes Priest. Bálor and the rest of The Judgement Day hold Priest back.

Street Fight: The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) vs. IMPERIUM (Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser)
Woods and Kingston come to the ring in San Jose Shark jerseys. Both teams fight up the ramp. Vinci sends Woods into the Tron. Kaiser and Vinci beat down Kingston. Woods hits Kaiser with his trombone. Kingston and Woods drags Vinci and Kaiser back to ringside. The New Day tries to set up a table but is cut off by IMPERIUM. Woods and Kingston land stereo dives. After the break, Kaiser and Vinci work over Woods. Kingston and Woods take over, working over Kaiser with kendo sticks.
Woods tells Kingston to get the tables. Woods puts Vinci through a table with a diving elbow off the top. The New Day hit a backbreaker/stomp combo. Kaiser pulls the referee out of the ring to break the count. Kingston takes Kaiser out with a dive. Woods and Kingston set up the Midnight Hour. Vinci pushes Kingston off the top. Kingston crashes through a table. Kaiser hits Vinci in the head with a pan. Kaiser launches Woods into a chair in the corner. Woods falls into a roll up from Kaiser. Kaiser holds Woods down for a three count.

Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell vs. Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark
LeRae sends Stark out of the ring. Dive by LeRae. LeRae tries a slingshot DDT, but Baszler puts on the breaks and slams LeRae. Stark and Baszler work over LeRae’s arm. LeRae manages to tag in Hartwell. Hartwell clears the ring. Baszler gets a blind tag. Hartwell drops Stark with a spinebuster. Baszler surprises Hartwell with the Kirifuda Clutch. Hartwell taps out.
Winners- Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark

In-Ring Segment: Drew McIntyre
McIntyre says we did it. The prayers of the WWE Universe made McIntyre vs. Rollins at WrestleMania happen. McIntyre notes he burst his eardrum and has several other injuries from the Elimination Chamber. The doctors told McIntyre that he may not cleared for WrestleMania. McIntyre asked them if they thought he was CM Punk? There is nothing that can keep him from WrestleMania. McIntyre sits in the ring, Indian style, to mock Punk. The crowd boos. McIntyre asks the World Champion to join him in the ring. Seth “Freakin” Rollins obliges. Rollins says he’s the thing standing in McIntyre’s way.
McIntyre chastises Rollins for being distracted by the drama happening on SmackDown with The Bloodline and Cody Rhodes. McIntyre tells Rollins that if he doesn’t mind his business, The Bloodline will interfere in their match at WrestleMania. The Bloodline will taint McIntyre’s victory. McIntyre asks Rollins to back off. Rollins says he respects what McIntyre just said, but some risks are worth taking. Everything McIntyre has said Rollins has already thought about. McIntyre may be right. WrestleMania may be an easy night for McIntyre. But what if McIntyre is wrong?
Rollins admits that he’s been selfish in his career and in his life. It wasn’t until he had his daughter that he realized that not everything was about him. Taking down The Bloodline is bigger than all of them. Rollins notes that it doesn’t matter if he is champion or McIntyre is champion. At some point, The Bloodline is going to come for this title. If they can rid the world of The Bloodline at WrestleMania, it will just be Rollins vs. McIntyre. Some risks are worth taking. Rollins drops the mic and walks away.

Nia Jax vs. Liv Morgan
Jax immediately Samoan drops Morgan. Jax crushes Morgan in the corner. Morgan crumples in the corner. Running hip attack by Jax. Jax gives Morgan a stink face. Morgan fires back with lefts and rights. Jax runs over Morgan. Stretch muffler by Jax. Jaz swings Morgan’s head into the turnbuckle. Morgan crawls out of the apron. Jax misses a leg drop and injures her hole… Suicide dive by Morgan. After the break, Morgan stuns Jax on the top rope. Missile dropkick by Morgan.
Jax blocks Morgan’s codebreaker. Morgan dives off the second rope and hits a snapping codebreaker. Jax kicks out. After a series of reversals, Jax floors Morgan with a headbutt. Jax misses a spear in the corner. Jax falls out of the ring. Morgan tries a dive and gets caught on Jax’s shoulders. Jax Samoan drops Morgan into the ring post. Becky Lynch hops the barricade and attacks Jax. The referee calls for the bell. Morgan has been disqualified.
Winner- Nia Jax
After the match, Lynch beats down Jax.

Backstage, Jey Uso says he was close to winning his first IC Title. He keeps falling short. Drew McIntyre walks in and tells Jey that he deserves this. Jey decks McIntyre. Both men brawl. Officials charge in to break it up.

Cody Rhodes vs. Grayson Waller w/Austin Theory
Waller lands a few strikes. Waller works over Rhodes in the corner. Rhodes fires back with a chop. Waller sends Rhodes into the buckle before landing a few Muay Thai knees. Rhodes surprises Waller with a delayed gourd buster. Micheal Cole announces on commentary that Paul Heyman has arrived backstage. After the break, Theory distracts Rhodes. Waller attacks from behind. Rhodes dives out of the ring and lands on Theory. Cody Cutter by Rhodes. Rhodes hits Crossroads for the win.
Winner- Cody Rhodes
After the match, Paul Heyman walks out on the ramp with his security which is comprised of suspended NYC cops. Rhodes rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair. Heyman tries to announce himself, but Rhodes cuts him off. Rhodes doesn’t give a damn. If this is a set up, they can bring it. Heyman says he is the only member of The Bloodline here tonight. Heyman knows getting Will Smith’d is hard, but Rhodes needs to take The Rock’s name out of his mouth. The crowd boos. Heyman begs Rhodes to withdraw his challenge to The Rock or else.
Rhodes asks, or else what? Rhodes is done being nice. If this is a set up, they can come get him. Heyman tries to get in the ring. Rhodes tells him not to. The security team surrounds Rhodes. Rhodes tells them if one more person takes a step, he’s going to take out everyone in the ring. Heyman says that obviously doesn’t apply to him. Heyman starts to step into the ring. Rhodes yells, “Wrong!” and attacks Heyman’s security. Heyman pulls out two phones and tells one to call Roman Reigns and the other to call The Rock. Rhodes exclaims Heyman can call whoever he wants. The Bloodline isn’t hunting him, Rhodes is hunting The Bloodline!

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