WWE NXT 27th of February 2024

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WWE NXT results, February 27, 2024 report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

In-Ring Segment: Ilja Dragunov
Dragunov demands Carmelo Hayes come to the ring. He knows Hayes wants the NXT Championship, so Hayes should come out of his hiding place so they can talk about it. Hayes walks out on the stage. A line of security guards stands in front of Hayes. Hayes tells Dragunov that they are his security and they are here to do whatever he needs them to.
Hayes tells Dragunov that he makes him sick. Dragunov wants Hayes in the ring. Hayes says he isn’t stepping in the ring until he sees a contract. Hayes gives Dragunov until the night’s end to work it out with Ava. Dragunov attacks a few of the security guards. The rest of the security surrounds Hayes to protect him.

Backstage, Gigi Dolan and Jaida Parker argue over who gets to talk to NXt GM Ava first. Ava books them in a match tonight.

Kelani Jordan vs. Kiana James w/Izzi Dame
Jordan and James trade submission attempts. Jordan sends James flying with a rope walk hip toss. James is tossed out of the ring. Jordan lands a moonsault. After the break, both women trade strikes. Jordan flips out of a suplex and lands a series of clotheslines. Leaping back elbow by Jordan. James kicks out. Jordan gets another near fall after a modified facebuster. James escapes an Overdrive attempt by Jordan. Spinebuster by James. Jordan kicks out. James distracts the referee while Dame trips Jordan while she tries a springboard. Jordan hits the ring apron with a sickening thud. Dame sends Jordan back into the ring. James hits the Deal Breaker for the win.
Winner- Kiana James

Gallows and Anderson vs. Edris Enofé and Malik Blade
Anderson beats Blade into the corner. Blade lands a dropkick. Blade and Enofé land double dropkicks to both Good Brother. Anderson blasts Enofé with a right hand. Enofé surprises Anderson with a rana. Blade and Enofé work over Anderson. After a distraction from Gallows, Anderson drives Blade into the corner. Gallows beats down Blade. Blade manages to tag in Enofé. Enofé clears the ring. Gallows tosses Blade into the ring steps. Enofé misses a 450 splash but lands on his feet. Spinebuster by Anderson. Gallows and Anderson hit the Magic Killer for the win.
Winners- Gallows and Anderson
After the match, Andre Chase and Duke Hudson challenge Gallows and Anderson. Nathan Frazer and Axiom interrupt and say they want The Good Brothers first. The LWO attacks Gallows and Anderson from behind. Everyone beats down Gallows and Anderson. Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin are watching the carnage from the bird’s nest.

Jakara Jackson w/Lash Legend vs. Roxanne Perez
After a bit of back and forth. Lash Legend gets caught helping Jackson escape Pop Rocks. The referee ejects Legend from the ringside area. Jackson blindsided Perez. Perez fires up and lands a flurry of strikes. Perez rolls Jackson into the crossface. Jackson taps out.
Winner- Roxanne Perez

Dijak vs. Luca Crusifino
Crusifino sends Dijak out of the ring. A baseball slide by Crusifino sends Dijak flying over the commentary desk. Crusifino is all over Dijak. Dijak knocks Crusifino into the corner and lays in a few heavy strikes. After a series of reversals, Dijak floors Crusifino with a lariat. Crusifino elbows his way out of High Justice. Crusifino lands multiple clotheslines. Dijak doesn’t go down. Back suplex by Crusifino. Crusifino runs into a discus boot from Dijak. Dijak hits Feast Your Eyes for the win.
Winner- Dijak
After the match, Joe Gacy walks down the ramp. Gacy escaped from Dijak’s cell and broke out of his straight jacket. In the confusion, Crusifino pulls a crowbar from the ring steps and hits Dijak. Dijak falls out of the ring. Gacy attacks Dijak.

Backstage, Tony D’Angleo tells Stacks and Rizzo he wants them to go get Crusifino.

In-Ring Segment: NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria
Valkyria wishes Shotzi a speedy recovery. When Shotzi is healthy, Valkyria promises her a title shot. Valkyria also puts over Lash Legend for showing up and showing out. Since Tatum Paxley held up her part of the bargain and stayed away last week, Valkyria has a surprise for her. Paxley joins Valkyria in the ring. Paxley says she will do anything for Valkyria. Valkyria tells Paxley that she got them a tag team title match against the Kabuki Warriors.
Paxley is excited. Ridge Holland interrupts. Holland says if they are finished, he has something very important to get off his chest. Paxley and Valkyria give Holland the ring. Holland says he is here to apologize for his actions. The arena goes black, and a cryptic message appears on the tron. Someone hits Holland with a chair. The person removes their hood, and it’s the returning Perfect 10 Shawn Spears!

Von Wagner vs. Lexis King
Wagner runs over King. Big back body drop by Wagner. Delayed vertical suplex by Wagner. King avoids a running knee from Wagner. King dropkicks Wagner’s knee. Wagner stumbles as King focuses his attack on Wagner’s left knee. After a kneebreaker, King slams Wagner’s knee into the ring post. King works over Wagner. Wagner fires up and sends King over the top with a clothesline. King pushes Wagner into Mr. Stone outside the ring. Wagner checks on Mr. Stone. As Wagner gets back in the ring, King chop blocks him. King sets up his finish. Mr. Stone gets on the apron. In the confusion, Wagner rolls up King for the win.
Winner- Von Wagner
After the match, King attacks Wagner. Mr. Stone tries to make the save, but King leaves him lying after the Coronation.

Backstage, Jaida Parker tells Paxley and Valkyria they will get embarrassed by Asuka and Kairi Sane next week. Arianne Grace steps in and tells everyone that they shouldn’t fight. Valkyria says fighting is their normal. Grace whispers that’s the case until they change it…

Jaida Parker vs. Gigi Dolan
Parker slams Dolan. As Dolan stares at Parker, Parker mocks Dolan. Dolan counters a back elbow with a hip toss. Parker falls into the ropes. Low dropkick by Dolan. Parker kicks out. Parker sends Dolan into the corner and stomps her out. Dolan fires back. Both women trade strikes. Parker drapes Dolan in the corner and hits a springboard hip attack. Dolan kicks out.
Running blockbuster by Parker. Dolan kicks out again. Dolan fights out of a submission hold. Grace runs down to the ring and yells at Parker and Dolan to stop fighting. They don’t have to do this. Grace gets on the apron and accidentally distracts Dolan. Parker lands her roaring elbow for the win.
Winner- Jaida Parker

NXT Heritage Cup Championship Match: Noam Dar w/Oro Mensah vs…
With the Catch Rules in effect, Dar has no idea which No Quarter Catch Crew member he will face. Charlie Dempsey will be challenging Dar tonight.
Round One:
Dar and Dempsey trade strikes and submission attempts. Neither man can get an advantage. Dempsey takes Dar over in a backslide/prawn hold combo for a three count!
Dar- 0 | Dempsey- 1
Round Two:
Happened mostly during the break. We join the round with 10 seconds left. Dar ais working over Dempsey. Dempsey and Dar trade strikes as the round ends.
Dar- 0 | Dempsey- 1
Round Three:
Dar and Dempsey trade strikes. Dempsey tries another backslide. Dar reverses that into a rear naked choke. Dempsey and Dar trade submission holds. Dempsey crushes Dar with a German suplex. Dar explodes off the ropes with a spinning back elbow as the round ends.
Dar- 0 | Dempsey- 1
Round Four:
Dar hits the Nova Roller for the pin.
Dar- 1 | Dempsey- 1
Round Five:
After distractions from every member of the NQCC, Dempsey hits a dragon suplex for the win.
Dar- 1 | Dempsey- 2
Winner and NEW NXT Heritage Cup Champion, Charlie Dempsey!

In-Ring Segment: Ilja Dragunov
Dragunov paces in the ring as he waits for Carmelo Hayes. Hayes joins Dragunov in the ring, but he is still surrounded by his security force. Ava is in the ring with a contract for a title match at Roadblock. Hayes wants to get this show on the road because he has been away from his NXT Title for too long. Dragunov and Hayes go back and forth. Tony D’Angelo interrupts. Hayes tells D’Angleo to hit the bricks before he has his security take him out. D’Angleo reminds Hayes that he’s the Don of NXT and he makes things happen. D’Angelo snaps his fingers and Hayes’ security leaves.
D’Angelo says he wants to earn a title shot at Stand and Deliver. Dragunov says D’Angleo has paqued his interest. D’Angleo suggests a number one contender’s match with him and Hayes at Roadblock. Ava says it’s up to Dragunov. Dragunov says he wants to see Hayes earn something for once in his life, so he agrees. Hayes tells D’Angelo that he can’t beat him and when it comes to the NXT Championship, Hayes is The Don. D’Angelo gets in Hayes’ face. D’Angelo accidentally elbows Dragunov in the face. Hayes puts D’Angelo through a table.

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