WWE NXT 12th of March 2024

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WWE NXT results, March 12, 2024, report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

Tag team Triple Threat Qualifier Match: OTM w/Scrypts vs. The LWO
As Wilde and Del Toro make their way to the ring, OTM attacks from behind. Nima and Price launch Wilde from the floor to the ring. As the bell rings, OTM works over Wilde. Modified X-plex by Price. Price whips Wilde into a standing stomp, but Nima. Wilde manages to tag in Del Toro. Wilde and Del Toro clear the ring and land stereo dives. After the break, Wilde tags in Del Toro.
Del lands a flurry of offense. Del Toro gets a near fall on Price after a springboard dropkick. Nima catches Del Toro with a spinning sidewalk slam. Wilde breaks up the pin. Wilde leaps off Nima’s back, dives out of the ring, and lands on Price and Wilde. Nima sets up a Samoan drop off the top. Del Toro escapes and lands a rana off the top. Del Toro assists Wilde as he hits a springboard 450 for the win.
Winners- The LWO

Backstage, Duke Hudson and Andre Chase ask Thea Hail who her partner is going to be tonight. Hail notes that Jacy Jayne is off with her new friend and isn’t answering her calls. Kelani Jordan walks in and agrees to be Hail’s partner tonight.

Ilja Dragunov shows up at Tony D’Angelo’s restaurant to have a chat. D’Angelo has his goons kidnap Dragunov.

In-Ring Segment: Roxanne Perez
Perez says she is tired of being nice. She notes that she collapsed after her match with Meiko Satomura because she was carrying this women’s division on her back. Perez says she got booed when she stood in the ring against Becky Lynch, who came to NXT to win a title she never could. Never again. Perez has won everything, and it means nothing. Lyra Valkyria had a chance to do the right thing after their title match was ruined by Lola Vice and Valkyria’s weirdo friend.
Instead of giving Perez another shot, Valkyria decided to go after the tag titles. Perez doesn’t need anyone’s support or approval. Thanks to Perez, the NXT Universe has witnessed the rise and fall of Lyra Valkyria. Perez demands that Ava come to the ring and award her the title Valkyria can’t defend. NXT GM Ava walks out on the stage. Tatum Paxley hops the barricade and tries to attack Perez. Perez boots Paxley in the face. Security holds Paxley back.

Lexis King vs. Mr. Stone
Stone lands a flurry of offense. Stone misses a crossbody off the top. King lands a running knee to Stone’s gut. King works over Stone’s injured midsection. Stone tries to fire up. King quickly cuts him off. King hits the Coronation for the win.
Winner- Lexis King
After the match, King tries to attack Stone again. Von Wagner makes the save. Wagner carries Stone backstage.

North American Championship Match: Oba Femi (c) vs. Brooks Jensen
Jensen grabs a side headlock. Femi lifts Jensen and places him on the apron. Femi knocks Jensen off the apron. Jensen rushes the ring and gets sent to the mat by a headlock takeover. Briggs is watching his former partner’s match from backstage. Jensen dives off the top into a right hand from Femi. Femi stomps Jensen out. After the break, Jensen eats multiple backbreakers from Femi. Femi crushes Jensen in the corner.
Backstage, Briggs storms off. Femi chokes Jensen. Briggs walks to ringside and cheers on Jensen. Jensen fires up and lands a flurry of offense. Jensen gets a near fall after a powerslam. Femi surprises Jensen with a high-angle back body drop. Atomic Bomb by Femi. Femi laughs at Briggs as he beats down Jensen. Jensen is barely moving. Femi Atomic Bombs Jensen again. Popup Powerbomb by Femi. Femi doesn’t pin Jensen. Femi hits another powerbomb for the win.
Winner and STILL NXT North American Champion, Oba Femi!

D’Angelo drops Dragunov off at a bridge. He reminds him that he can snap his fingers and end Dragunov. Dragunov dares D’Angelo to do it. D’Angelo laughs and says he will eventually. Dragunov looks confused. D’Angelo tells Dragunov to enjoy the walk home.

Arianna Grace vs. Gigi Dolan (If Dolan loses, she has to allow Grace to mentor her)
Grace runs away as Dolan tries to punch her in the face. Dolan chases Grace around the ring. Dolan lands a hip attack followed by a basement dropkick. Grace kicks out. Dolan misses a splash in the corner. Grace stomps Dolan and lands a suplex. Grace works over Dolan. Dolan fires up. Grace tries to put her crown on Dolan. The referee tries to take the crown away. Grace low blows Dolan, but the referee doesn’t see it. Dolan low blows Grace in front of the referee. The referee calls for the bell. Dolan has been disqualified.
Winner- Arianna Grace
Dolan just realized that she lost this match. Grace is ecstatic.

Backstage, Kelania Jordan is laid out. Hail doesn’t have a partner.

Thea Hail vs. Kiana James and Izzy Dame
James and Dame surround Hail. Fallon Henley’s music hits, and she runs down to the ring. Let’s try this again:
Thea Hail and Fallon Henley vs. Kiana James and Izzy Dame
Henley sends James flying with a dragon screw. Dame tags in and gets sent flying by a slingshot hip toss. After a distraction from James, Dame manages to stungun Henley. James and Dame take turns working over Henley. Jacy Jayne and her new friend show up at ringside. Hail gets upset. Henely tags in Hail. Hail clears the ring. Hail reverses James’ powerbomb into a kimura. James dumps Hail out of the ring. Jayne pulls Henley out of the way as Dame tries a big boot. Dame boots Hail in the face instead. James hits Bankrupt on Hail for the win.
Winners- Kiana James and Izzy Dame
After the match, Hail grabs a mic and asks Jayne what happened to them. She thought Jayne was her best friend. Jayne rolls her eyes as Hail pours her heart out. Hail says she changed for Jayne, and Jayne has become an even more rotten version of herself. This isn’t who Hail is; this is Jayne, and she doesn’t want to be anything like Jayne. The old Thea Hail is back!

Ridge Holland vs. Shawn Spears
As soon as the bell rings, Holland charges in but stops in his tracks as Spear just holds out his arms, begging Holland to hit him. Holland eventually does. Holland runs over Spear and lands a big boot. Spears sends Holland over the top. Spears follows Holland and eats a few nasty strikes against the apron. Holland picks up Spears to drive him into the ring post, but he stops short. Holland is having second thoughts. Spears slips off Holland’s shoulder and pushes him into the ring post. After the break, Holland gets tied up in the ropes.
Spears taunts Holland by telling him he let everyone down, including his wife. Holland escapes and headbutts Spears. Lariat by Holland. Holland tosses Spears out of the ring and beats down Spears. Holland sends Spears into the ring steps. Spears looks to be out on his feet. Holland clears the announce desk. Holland chokeslams Spears through the table. Spears is sent back into the ring. Holland brings a chair into the ring. The referee pulls it away. Spears rolls up Holland. Holland kicks out. Holland sets up his finish. Spears reveres it into the C4 on a chair. Spears pins Holland.
Winner- Shawn Spears

In-Ring Segment: Trick Williams
Williams says he is pissed off. Family means something to Williams, and he supported Carmelo Hayes no matter what. Seeing Hayes do well made Williams want to step his game up. Williams wanted Hayes to be happy for him, the way Williams was happy for Hayes. Williams heard the whispers about Hayes hating on him. Even John Cena told Williams to watch out when it comes to Hayes. Hayes lied about attacking Williams, and he lied about being his brother. Williams says Hayes thinks they aren’t on the same level. Williams thinks Hayes is correct. Hayes wouldn’t be on Williams’ level if he were standing on a step stool with a Ludacris fro.
Williams challenges Hayes to a match at Stand and Deliver. The Meta-Four interrupt. Noam Dar says everyone is tired of hearing Williams complain. Williams deserved what Hayes did to him. Dar says he’s on to bigger and better things. He wants Williams’ heat. He can’t think of a better way to do it than knocking Williams off. Dar challenges Williams to a match next week. Williams decks Dar. Mensah hits the ring. Williams decks him, too. Lash Legend takes a swing at Williams. Williams blocks it and grabs Legend. Legend is flustered. Williams kisses Legend. Dar and Mensah attack but are quickly tossed out of the ring by Williams.

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