TNA Impact 14th of March 2024

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Welcome to JJA Sport Studio’s coverage of TNA IMPACT on AXS TV! After a recap of Sacrifice, we head to the ring for a X-Division Championship rematch.

X-Division Championship: Mustafa Ali (c) vs. Chris Sabin
Sabin jumps Ali’s security instead of making a proper entrance. From there, Sabin nearly gets himself disqualified because of his aggressive offense. Toward the end, Ali retrieves his title but Sabin hits a Clothesline from Hell Michigan to counter. Sabin picks up the belt but Ali ducks and rolls him up with his feet on the ropes to escape as champion.
Winner: Mustafa Ali (c)

Backstage, Gia speaks to Nemeth and Speedball Mountain ahead of tonight’s six-man main event. All three have their eyes on The System’s gold.

Josh Alexander speaks
Josh comes out in his gear as the Windsor crowd gives him a warm welcome. He recalls relinquishing the world title in Windsor a year ago and he’s still on his journey back to the gold. However, Hammerstone is currently a roadblock and he calls him out.
Instead, Bravo and Oleg interrupt. Bravo says Josh lost at Sacrifice because Dirty Dango softened him up. Dango tries to ambush Josh from behind but ends up getting tossed out. Oleg steps in the ring and Santino books the match.

Josh Alexander vs. Oleg Prudius
Josh targets the ankle right away and makes Prudius tap out in under a minute.
Winner: Josh Alexander

Crazzy Steve walks out to the stage for a promo. He runs down his past challengers until PCO walks out to confront him. Steve laughs and slowly retreats.

Ace Austin vs. Frankie Kazarian
Kazarian leaves Ace in rough shape on the floor going into the commercial break. Bey shares words with Kazarian before Ace finally rallies back to the offensive. Kazarian responds with an Electric Chair Drop, nearfall. Kazarian eventually traps Ace in the Chicken Wing for the tapout.
Winner: Frankie Kazarian
Kazarian attacks Chris Bey afterward until Eric Young chases him off.

We see a new vignette from The System as they run down their accomplisments.

In the locker room, Gia tries to speak to Time Machine when GYV interrupts. Shelley says that if they want to prove themselves as the best, they can face Time Splitters

AJ Francis vs. Joe Hendry
Hendry cuts a promo, which only fires up Francis to manhandle Hendry early on. Hendry is able to start a comeback until the ref gets knocked down. AJ grabs a chair from under the ring but Hendry ducks and hits a dropkick. Rich Swann intervenes and seems poised to hit Francis with the chair when he decides to strike Hendry instead. Francis hits Hendry with a chokeslam and the ref comes back around for the count.
Winner: AJ Francis

Alan Angels tries to host Sound Check with Ash By Elegance. George Iceman goes off about the set not being at all what they were promised. Ash agrees to participate anyway and announces she will have her third match next week.

Spitfire vs. Beaa Moss & Vanna Black
MK Ultra and Decay both make their way out to watch. Luna and Moss start the bout before Threat comes in with a dropkick and clothesline. Black tags in but gets elbowed down right away. Spitfire hits a double team finisher on Black and Threat scores the pinfall.
Winners: Spitfire

Tasha Steelz interrupts commentary and claims she didn’t lose at Sacrifice because she wasn’t pinned. She challenges Grace to defend against her next week.

Confirmed for next week: GYV vs. Time Splitters, Steve vs. PCO for the Digital Media title, Ash By Elegance in action, plus Grace vs. Steelz for the Knockouts title.

Steve Maclin & The Rascalz vs. Nic Nemeth & Speedball Mountain
Nemeth and Wentz start the bout. Trent Seven’s left foot becomes a target as Maclin picks him apart. Seven is able to escape from Trey and Nemeth and Maclin are both tagged in. Nemeth unloads with dropkicks on all three opponents. Bodies are dumped to the floor before Maclin flies out but he accidentally tackles Trey. Wentz and Maclin start shoving each other and then The Rascalz abandon Maclin. Bailey hits a moonsault and then a spin kick. Nemeth hits Danger Zone on Maclin for the win.
Winners: Nic Nemeth & Speedball Mountain
As the babyfaces celebrate, The System run out to attack. Nemeth superkicks Moose until Alisha pulls his foot. This allows Moose to fire back with a title shot across the face of Nemeth, Bailey, and then Seven. The System stands tall with their titles to end the show.

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