WWE NXT 19th of March 2024

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WWE NXT results, March 12, 2024, report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com.

Roxanne Perez vs. Tatum Paxley
Perez and Paxley brawl on the ramp before the bell rings. Paxley and Perez trade strikes. Dropkick by Paxley. Perez trips Paxley into the ropes. ArmDT by Perez. Perez works over Paxley’s arm. Paxley fires up and gets a near fall. Perez sends Paxley into the turnbuckle, shoulder first. Perez hits Pop Rocks. Before Paxley can respond, Perez traps Paxley in the crossface. Paxley taps.
Winner- Roxanne Perez
After the match, Perez grabs a mic and demands NXT GM Ava hand her the NXT Women’s title. Lyra Valkyria’s music hits. Valkyria’s arm is in a sling. Perez and Valkyria brawl. Paxley tries to help, but Valkyria accidentally clocks her. Perez locks Valkyria in the crossface. Referees break it up.

Josh Briggs rushes to the ring and grabs a mic. Briggs complains about Oba Femi destroying his friend Brooks Jensen last week. Briggs wants Femi to come out here and try to put him through the ring. Femi mocks Briggs. he relishes the idea of testing a man’s limits. There is no room for emotions in the ring. The only thing that matters is results. Femi’s results speak for itself. Briggs says he is tougher than Femi. Briggs wants a title shot. Femi tells Briggs not to say he didn’t warn him. Dijak interrupts. Dijak wants a title shot. Femi tries to walk off. Briggs pushes Dijak into Femi. A brawl breaks out.

Backstage, Shawn Spears is watching the mayhem in the ring. Spears says pride comes before the fall. Spears walks away. Joe Gacy is hiding under a bench in the locker room. Gacy agrees with Spears and slinks away.

Stand and Deliver Tag Team Qualifier Match: Axiom and Nathan Frazer vs. No Quarter Catch Crew (Charlie Dempsey and Myles Borne)
Dempsey and Borne are in control early. Axiom and Frazer fire up and land a flurry of dives. After the break, Axiom and Dempsey have a slap exchange. Frazer tags in and clears the ring. Standing shooting star by Frazer. Borne kicks out. Frazer tries a springboard but is caught in a powerslam by Borne. Axiom lands a Spanish fly off the top on Borne. Frazer immediately hits a Phoenix Splash. Dempsey tries to break up the pin, but Axiom obliterates him with the Golden Ratio. Frazer gets the pin.
Winners- Axiom and Nathan Frazer

Brinley Reece w/Malik Blade and Idris Enofé vs. Sol Ruca
Reece and Ruca trade headlocks and takedowns. Reece fires up and lands a series of clotheslines. Ruca sets Reece on the top and flips her to the mat. Reece misses a splash in the corner. Soul Snatcher by Ruca. Ruca pins Reece.
Winner- Sol Ruca
After the match, Blair Davenport attacks Ruca.

In-Ring Segment: The D’Angelo Family
D’Angelo puts over the newest member of the Family, Luca Crusifino. Crusifino pledges his loyalty to The Family. D’Angelo says he is going to slay the Dragon at Stand and Deliver. Ilja Dragunpv appears on the Tron. D’Angelo says Dragunov doesn’t comprehend his power. D’Angelo got Dragunov a match against Stacks next week. The crowd doesn’t react. D’Angelo promises that if Dragunov makes one wrong move, he will break him.

Heritage Cup Championship Match: The No Quarter Catch Crew (Drew Gulak) (c) vs. Riley Osborne w/Chase U
Round One:
Osborne is in control early, landing a few hip tosses and working Gulak’s arm. Gulak counters and works a hammerlock. Osborne surprises Gulak with a shooting star press for the first pinfall.
Round Two:
Gulak rolls out of the ring and jaws at Hudson and Chase outside the ring. Osborne catches Gulak with the Fosbury flop. Gulak kicks out after Osborne lands a standing corkscrew press. Gulak catches Osborne in midair and rolls him into a sunset flip for a three count. As Riley gets to his feet, Gulak blasts Osborne with an elbow strike.
Round Three:
This round started during the break. Osborne tries a senton off the top. Gulak gets his knees up. Gulak puts Osborne in the Gu-Lock. Time expires.
Round Four:
Osborne and trade pin attempts. Neither can get the three count. After a distraction from Jacy Jane, Gulak gets the pin on Osborne.
Winner and STILL NXT Heritage Cup Champion, The No Quarter Catch Crew!

Stand and Deliver Tag Team Qualifier Match: The OC vs. Hank and Tank
Gallows and Anderson eventually hit the Magic Killer for the win.
Winners- The OC

Backstage, Trick Williams says he knows Carmelo Hayes is here, and he’s happy he is. If Melo shows his face, Williams is going to whip his a$$.

Noam Dar w/Meta-Four vs. Trick Williams
Williams slams Dar. Dar lands a flurry of strikes. Williams works an armbar. Williams turns it into a pin. As Dar is working over Williams, we get a cut in of Carmelo Hayes’ locker room. One of his security guards knocks on the door and says it’s time. Back in the ring, Williams lands a pop-up uppercut. After the break, Dar works over Williams’ leg. Lash Legend gets on the apron to distract Williams. Dar lands a German suplex. Dar sets up the Nova Roller. Williams counters with the Trick Shot for the win.
Winner- Trick Williams
After the match, Williams grabs a mic, says this is personal, and demands Carmelo Hayes bring his punk a$$ to the ring. Carmelo Hayes’ security surrounds the ring. Someone walks out on the stage in a black hood. Williams gets ready for a fight. The security guard behind Williams removed his mask, and its Carmelo Hayes! Hayes attacks Williams. The rest of the security joins in. Hayes blasts Williams with a running knee.

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